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10 Breast Cancer Events Across the United States that Fight for a Cure

D'Feet Breast Cancer

Photo credit: Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation

D’Feet Breast Cancer was founded in 2000 as a grass roots organization in Galveston, Texas to raise awareness about the disease and to help women spot the symptoms earlier on. The annual event features a 5K walk, a 5K run, and a 10K run and the D’Feet website offers training plans to help you get in shape for whichever event you’re going to participate in.

The D’Feet event is family friendly. Although you might find a bit of competition in the 5K or 10K runs, the event is all about raising awareness and joining together to fight breast cancer. Funds from the race all remain with the D’Feet Breast Cancer organization which uses them to provide free screenings for women in the Galveston area.

Learn more about this year’s event at D’Feet Breast Cancer.com.