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Emotional Support Through Breast Cancer: A Handbook

Emotional Support Through Breast Cancer: A Handbook

Who has experienced more stories than a doctor working with breast cancer patients for a living? Dr. Cordelia Galgut writes this book using stories from patients, doctors, family, and friends of cancer sufferers that she has met throughout her professional career. Emotions play such an incredible role in our ability and willingness to recover and push past those bad days to get to the good days. She offers tips and techniques for current sufferers.

Her book is considered a handbook and allows patients to work through and accept the tough thoughts that cross their mind hinder their emotional wellbeing. Dr. Galgut herself, in an unexpected turn of events, is also a cancer survivor. On top of the other information she’s gathered, being able to draw from her own experiences made the biggest impact in creating this book. She understood what patients were looking for and going through, giving her the perfect tools to write a breast cancer handbook that no sufferer should do without.

Photo: British Psychological Society