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Do High Levels of Estrogen Impact Lupus Patients?

Also, women with lupus experience severe menopausal symptoms

Another thing to consider as women with SLE is that they experience early and severe menopausal symptoms. The women with SLE who also use cyclophosphamide, which is a medicine that assuages inflammatory harm, are also at risk for a condition called premature ovarian failure, or POF. Some clinicians are in support of HRT use in order to alleviate severe menopausal symptoms in women who live with lupus. Some women prefer to use natural alternatives, as they usually tend to avoid potentially serious medical complications like their non-organic counterparts.

Lastly, women who live with lupus are already at an elevated risk of blood clots and heart illness. The use of traditional HRT is related to an elevated risk of these conditions, even in women who are otherwise healthy. Women who have stable but inactive SLE only use low-dose and short-lived HRT after carefully and thoroughly discussing it with a medical professional.