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Research Reveals 10 Silent Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

1. Stomach bloating and/or swelling

1. Stomach bloating and/or swelling

The most common early symptom of ovarian cancer is abdominal bloating.

While typically caused by a buildup of gas from flatulence, constipation, or intolerance to a food you recently ate, constant stomach bloating is one of the biggest potential warning signs of ovarian cancer. Take heed if you feel bloated most days for three weeks or longer.

This could also be a sign of stomach cancer or bowel cancer, so do not ignore this symptom even if you are at low risk for ovarian cancer. Keep in mind that it is sometimes confused with irritable bowel syndrome.

The cause of the bloated feeling would be because the ovarian cancer mass pushes against the other organs in the abdomen. In any case, constant bloating is a cause for concern, no matter your risk for cancer.