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The Common Ovarian Cancer Side Effect Few People Talk About

Ovarian Cancer : Why isn't it talked about more?

Why isn't it talked about more?

It is a good thing for people to have a healthy sex life if they have a trusted and loving partner. However, there is a stigma in our day and age to think of anything sexual as something private or even improper by its nature.

It is a shame that people with sexual dysfunctions have such a hard time discussing their issues. Doctors, too, are no less to blame. The potential negative sexual side effects of ovarian cancer and its treatments are often overlooked by the doctors who help cancer patients. This may be either because it is a less pressing need than short term survival, or because of the stigma in our society against talking about sexual subjects.

But the fact of the matter is that nearly every woman who develops ovarian cancer will develop a sexual dysfunction as a result of either the cancer or the treatment. This can negatively affect their quality of life.

Sex is important for health and relationships. It is time to bring this matter to light, and bring healing to women with sexual pain.