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Brittany Crosby Bravely Fights Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer

Brittany Crosby Bravely Fights Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer

Brittany Crosby Bravely Fights Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer

For Packers kicker Mason Crosby, it's not just about winning the next game. The Crosby family has some big fish to fry at home, too. Crosby's sister in law, Brittany, has been dealt a set of life-altering cards: she was recently diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer.

Tension was high as Brittany received the devastating news.

It was a tense moment when Brittany received the news. The tension in the air was so thick - no one would make eye contact. It was already a sign that everyone knew - the news wasn't going to be good. They sat anxiously as Dr. Nguyen came in and took a seat next to Brittany as he clutched her hand and looked sympathetically into her eyes. In as comforting a tone as he could possibly muster, he broke the devastating news to her: You have cancer.

In some way, knowing it was cancer this whole time brought a strange relief.

The young, strong, and fitness guru of only 27 years was shocked. But rather than feeling hopeless and dissolving into a puddle of tears, she felt a wave of strange relief. She finally had answers. For months, Brittany had been battling illness without any resolution. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with her.

Brittany didn’t know what was wrong

She had gone to dozens of doctors, including countless nights to the emergency room. No one could figure out what was wrong .First, it was a problem with her gallbladder. Then they though maybe a blood clot in her lung. Actually, they decided it was maybe an ulcer, or perhaps a dislocated rib. Some though it was a gluten allergy or celiac disease. No, it was definitely Crohn's. It turned out Brittany had none of these things, and the mystery and suffering plagued her life and her family for months.

Doctors couldn’t figure it out, either

They had done everything. There were CT scans, MRIs, blood tests. But still, none of the doctors could figure out why Brittany felt so sick. She even had surgical endoscopies done, where doctors look inside her body with a small camera to see if anything was wrong. All the testing came back with nothing. So Brittany felt that at least whatever it was, it couldn't be life-threatening.

Boy was she wrong - and Brittany secretly knew it too. Despite the visits to the doctor, her condition kept getting worse. Soon, she was getting full only after eating small bites of food. For thanksgiving, the only thing she could tolerate was plain chicken and sweet potatoes. Brittany knew there was no way that this was normal.

Brittany hit rock bottom

But it quickly became too much. She hit rock bottom one time as she was sitting on the bathroom floor, unable to move or go anywhere because she was doubled over in pain. But despite the terrible pain, she refused to go the the ER. She felt like they were not going to help. After all, she had gone four times the past week without any resolution.

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