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New Test Outperforms CA-125 in Ovarian Cancer Detection

Cancer Detection: The potential of Parasortix

The potential of Parasortix

The Parasortix system has the potential to deliver personalized cancer care and offer improvements relating to clinical outcomes in the diagnosis and treatment of various cancers. What’s more, Angle’s Parasortix-based blood test can potentially assist in diagnoses of ovarian cancer prior to a woman undergoing biopsy or surgery. This will allow women with benign tumors to receive proper care, all the while avoiding unnecessary healthcare costs and transference from one facility to another. At the same time, it will enable women with ovarian cancer to be referred to the proper institutions that specialize in such cancers, providing them with the best possible treatment regimes.

Both Professor Zeillinger and Dr. Moore have stated that the initial trials offer new and exciting data, which supports the Parasortix technology in its continued development towards detecting ovarian cancer. The successful results will enable ANGLE to move forward towards the next phase in the development process. Firstly, the technology will be optimized to maximize performance results. Then, appropriate studies will be conducted to validate results, all the while meeting European CE Mark (meeting European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Finally, upon successful completion of these studies, a market size will be estimated to launch the commercial sale of the Parasortix test in the United States and Europe, and ultimately, on a global level.