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How One Woman Turned Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis Into a Business

How One Woman Turned Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis Into a Business

How One Woman Turned Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis Into a Business

Monica Ruffo has always been a savvy businesswoman. Since a young age, she always had the business smarts. After just a few years working in advertising, she soon founded her own agency. After her company was acquired, she then became the CEO of a major Toronto marketing firm called Lowe Roche. There was no doubt that Monica was a strong and fierce leader in the business industry.

The young entrepreneur was taken aback by an unexpected diagnosis

Suddenly, life took a sharp left turn. Monica was diagnosed with breast cancer. It came as a shock. Monica didn't know anyone in her family who had the disease. It was totally out of left field for her.

In the shock of the news, Monica was still determined to find out more about how she could help her own body fight the illness. She looked into ways that she can change her lifestyle to battle breast cancer. She was determined to beat this.

Ruffo spent a lot of time learning how to detoxify her body

Monica spent time and energy into learning all the information out there on detoxifying the body. She went into depth studying natural health remedies because she wanted to use homeopathic strategies to support her own health without succumbing to the use of any chemicals or synthetics.

There was no such thing as an all-natural supplement out there to help her fight her disease

It turns out that such a thing did not exist. Monica discovered that most companies providing such health supplements weren't being completely honest up front with their customers. They don't have to tell you where they get their ingredients because the government doesn't force them to. Basically, Monica found that even though a bottle might have the word "natural" on it, it doesn't mean that the product is indeed from a natural source.

Despite that, she beat her cancer.

Many supplements labeled "natural" aren't actually natural at all

In reality, many of these supplements are made in a lab and are 100% synthetic. The most irritating part is that these companies can still label their product to be a "natural product", and there is nothing illegal about it either. The word “natural” has no regulations. “Organic,” on the other hand, is the real deal.

Monica was determined to change the world by creating an all-natural product to help women just like her

Monica, being the businesswoman that she is, wouldn't settle for this disappointing fact. She sought to use this as a new business opportunity. Monica created a new line of supplements that was totally transparent as to what ingredients were being used. But first, Monica needed to learn more about nutrition and supplements to really become successful with her vision.

Monica went back to school for plant-based health and nutrition

So, Monica enrolled back into school, studying plant-based nutrition at the prestigious Cornell University. There, she developed a team that had experts in both medicine and health. That's how Well Told Health was born.

Read on to learn more about Well Told Health and Monica's vision.

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