Dr. Jeffrey Fellner, D.D.S., Dentist
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Dr. Jeffrey Fellner, D.D.S.

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20265 N 59th Ave Suite B-5 Glendale AZ, 85308


Dr. Jeffrey Fellner is a Dentist practicing in Glendale, AZ. Dr. Fellner specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

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Dr. Jeffrey Fellner, D.D.S.
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  • Does taking calcium help dental bone graft?

    In the healthy individual the use of supplements becomes of less value, actually most is filtered in the appropriate ways and eliminated. There is confirmed research that Calcium is absorbed and deposited on/in bone and by deduction strengthens bone. The body regulates this however and more is not always good. Vit. D is required to aid in the absorption of calcium READ MORE

  • Tonsillitis

    If you ‘Google’ diagnosed then I’d verify status with your primary Dr. and select the proper med. regimen- if fever then no contact until 5 days after being afebrile (no fever), isolation until your sure is a rule especially if you’re working close contact and especially with kids READ MORE

  • How long does it take to recover from jaw surgery?

    Pretty broad question but generally : tooth extraction -initially 2-3 days and up to 6 wk for bone stability: fractured jaw or orthognathic surgery - weeks to many months READ MORE

  • Can salt water make tooth pain go away?

    Probably it’s the warm part of the warm saltwater that works- the salt part acts as a means to gently clean soft tissue wounds - remember salty like teardrops not brine READ MORE

  • Which toothpaste is good for teeth whitening?

    Simple answer is the one you like the flavor of and use regularly- I’d like to see fluoride in it also if possible. READ MORE

  • Is getting Invisalign painful?

    Orthodontics, regardless of how it is accomplished has discomfort associated with it, remember you’re moving teeth through bone!! Usually the discomfort is short lived (~72 hrs) and is managed well through anti inflammatory meds. - Best of Luck!! READ MORE

  • Can flossing cause gum pain?

    Flossing too aggressively (sawing motion) can cause inflammation and in severe long term cases tooth structure loss and bone loss…so be gentle- you’re only trying to tackle the plaque. READ MORE

  • Can brushing too hard cause enamel damage?

    The answer is no- however, those with very weak enamel (amelogenisis imperfecta) and this is rare, can have troubles with aggressive brushing habits and abrasive pastes. So, with recommended gentle circular brushing with ADA recommended pastes you’re good! READ MORE

  • Dental sealants

    Sounds like the sealants came off already- back to your Dr. to have them put back in place! READ MORE

  • How do you remove a tight partial denture?

    This could be a fingernail breaker but start by lifting both sides up (away from the gun tissue) at the same time. If you lift one side only the opposite side may engage more aggressively. If no luck- then back to your Dr. So they can hurt their fingernails READ MORE

  • Do you get anesthesia when getting braces?

    Simple answer: No anesthesia needed! READ MORE

  • Is the surgery for receding gums successful?

    This is a tough one because recession can be a result of many different conditions. More often the heavy forces of clenching / grinding result in recession and the success of surgery is supported by clenching management (appliance therapy / splint use / Night Guard use etc.) A misaligned tooth getting traumatized might need orthodontic alignment as part of surgical tissue care. Overall periodontal surgery for recession has never been more successful! READ MORE

  • Can I drink beer today after a filling that I had yesterday at 4pm

    Absolutely, but don’t drive…Happy Thanksgiving! READ MORE

  • Do I need any teeth removed?

    Thanks for the pic- but hard to say without more info, you’ll need to see your Dr. for a complete exam. We all usually lean on saving teeth if the prognosis is good and you’re able to, otherwise options will be discussed to see what works best for you. Be tough and get the ball rollin! READ MORE

  • Do your gums shrink if you don't wear your dentures?

    Without teeth to retain the bone the gum tissue can change in many different ways, not wearing the denture allows these changes to occur freely and adjustments to the denture becomes more frequent. Like boots, comfort and function comes with use and adaptation. READ MORE

  • What sedation is used for a root canal?

    Root Canal treatment is routinely carried out with the use of profound local anesthetic (numbing). If an infection is present it’s usually best to reduce it before treatment using antibiotics. This helps the anesthetic work better. If anxiety prevents this approach then conscious sedation can be employed (either by pill or IV ) . Most patients find the procedure boring and uneventful and sleep and all confirm that the thought of it was by far worse than the actual treatment! READ MORE

  • How long does the pain last after a root canal procedure?

    It can vary according to how severe the condition was when treated, if the tooth was shortened to prevent constant contact and your general health. Generally there may be 2-3 days of tenderness afterward which should be effectively managed with anti inflammatories like Tylenol or Ibuprophen. READ MORE

  • Braces

    Braces shouldn’t get in the way of a great time at your party…and congratulations! READ MORE

  • Are veneers safe for my teeth?

    ‘Safe’ is a difficult concept-here’s a long answer: eating a granola bar may not be safe for some teeth yet risk should be considered as an aspect to a desired result (cosmetically and functionally) Veneers are ‘safest’ when there is the least clenching and grinding contacts between teeth. Veneers are considered safe to teeth and to general health. Veneers are not usually expected to provide extra strength to teeth, rather are meant to provide ideal cosmetic outcomes READ MORE

  • How long is the root canal procedure?

    Depends on the tooth actually, single canal easy access-ability maybe 30 minutes or less, more complex teeth 1 - 1.5 hours READ MORE

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Practice At 20265 N 59th Ave Suite B-5

20265 N 59th Ave Suite B-5 -
Glendale, AZ 85308
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