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Is There an Ideal Teeth Whitening Product?

Is There an Ideal Teeth Whitening Product?

Normally, teeth are yellowish in color and are rarely pure white. As white teeth are a popular demand, more and more products have hit the market, claiming to whiten teeth. This includes whitening tooth-pastes, gels, rinses, strips and trays. Teeth whitening is recommended for people with healthy teeth. It is generally not suitable for those who have restored teeth and gums.

The different types of teeth whitening products:

  • Toothpastes – Whitening toothpastes contain chemicals or polishing agents that helps to make the teeth one shade lighter than normal. They do not contain bleaching ingredients; therefore, the color lightening is much less than professional whitening products.
  • Over-the-counter whitening products – A number of gels and strips are now available with teeth whitening henderson NV effects. Gels containing peroxide are directly applied to the surface of the teeth. The effects often persist for months. Strips are transparent and are coated with gel containing whitening peroxide. The light shade of teeth remains for about four months.
  • Rinses – Rinses help in keeping the breath fresh and preventing gum diseases. Some of the rinses contain hydrogen peroxide which help in whitening the teeth. Rinsing should be done twice a day for 12 weeks to see the whitening effect on teeth. Many are of the opinion that rinses are not that effective as gels and strips.
  • Tray-based whiteners – In this case, the tray is worn for a particular duration, based on the amount of discoloration. The tray is like a mouth guard and contains the whitening gel solution.
  • In-office whitening – Here the whitening product is applied directly to the teeth. It is often used in combination with heat or laser. Although the procedure is more expensive than others, the results can be seen within an hour of treatment.

One should remember that whitening of teeth is not permanent. The whitening may start to fade within a month.