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Can brushing too hard cause enamel damage?

I brush my teeth twice a day. Can brushing too hard cause enamel damage?

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Physical pressure of manual brushing hard along with abrasive toothpaste may cause receding gums, abrade soft/ weak enamel. Soft manual brushing or  electric toothbrush is recommended to protect your teeth, gums.
The answer is no- however, those with very weak enamel (amelogenisis imperfecta) and this is rare, can have troubles with aggressive brushing habits and abrasive pastes. So, with recommended gentle circular brushing with ADA recommended pastes you’re good!
Yes. Wrong brushing technique and too hard, can cause severe loss of tooth structure
No, the enamel is very hard.

Hard brushing can cause the gums to recede from the teeth exposing the root dentin.

Dentin at this point is soft and can be worn away. Dentin at the gum line is subject to wear from hard brushing.

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Thank you for your excellent question.