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Hi, I'm Michael Acquista DDS. I got my dental degree from Columbia School of Dental & Oral Surgery and have been in private practice in Bay Ridge for over 30 years. My office is small and you will receive individual attention. I offer the best ways to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, the best Cosmetic Dentistry and esthetics, filling materials, crowns, bridges, implant restorations and dentures. I promise I will exceed your expectations and do everything possible to explain your conditions and treatment options as well as being gentle and thorough. We perform all dental procedures except Orthodontics, complex extractions and surgery, but I will refer you to the finest specialists if need be.

Education and Training

Columbia Scool of Dental & Oral Surgery DDS 1981

Columbia College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Pre-Med / Philosophy 1977

Columbia School of Dental and Oral Surgery D.D.S. 1981

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Dr. Michael Acquista D.D.S.
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  • Healthy Eating

    Healthy eating: It is so important, but Doctors don't learn much about it. C. Everett Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General, suggested we should, but not much has happened. I want that to change. I lecture to other Doctors and my patients about it, and on smilebayridge.com, I have hyperlinks to...

  • Why does a cracked tooth have to be pulled?

    It depends. If the tooth is fractured down the root and in 2 pieces, there is not much that can be done. Food will get stuck in between, the pulp will die and become infected and these problems can’t be corrected. But if the pieces are not completely separated, the tooth can be shaped for a crown after bonding the pieces together and if a temporary crown can be fabricated around the tooth to splint it back together cleanly, a crown impression can be taken and the crown will hold the fractured parts together. If the pulp is involved, root canal can be performed after the temporary crown is made by making a hole through the chewing surface. Afterwards, the impression can be taken if the pieces can be bonded together and the permanent crown, once placed, will hold the parts together. If the crack is at or above the gum line, a crown can be made to salvage the tooth. READ MORE

  • What is the best whitening toothpaste?

    Whitening toothpastes are a waste of money. The degree of whitening is proportional to the concentration and contact time of the active ingredient. When I make professional bleach trays, patients typically wear the trays for 40 hours or more. Do you know how long the toothpaste is in your mouth before you spit it out? Even if it is one minute, do you realize that there are 2,400 minutes in 40 hours, so you would need to use the toothpaste for about six years to get decent results! That is BS. Stop wasting your money. Get professional whitening at the dentist for about $600 or try the whitening strips which are cheaper, but not as good because saliva reduces the concentration of the bleaching agent. READ MORE

  • My child accidentally ate toothpaste. What should I do?

    Overreacting. Buy the infant toothpaste or one without fluoride for your child and don't worry. READ MORE

  • When should I consider porcelain veneers?

    That depends. Always consider orthodontics first. If you are considering anything, go to your dentist, get all cavities restored, get a cleaning and make sure you are brushing and flossing daily. Next, ask your general dentist if orthodontics will give you a nice smile; maybe you need whitening. Only if you are in a state of oral health and ortho will not be sufficient should you consider veneers. They are expensive and they may need to be redone in 10-15 years, so there is a lot to think about. READ MORE

  • How do I know if I need a root canal?

    Yes, sometimes you can experience a lot of pain when a root canal is needed. But I cannot be sure without an exam, X-ray, and some diagnostic tests. Sometimes if there is an infection, antibiotics will be prescribed, but please get to a dentist ASAP and if you are fearful, you can go to a dentist that offers sedation or general anesthesia. READ MORE

  • Can my silver fillings be replaced with white fillings?

    Yes, of course. But if you have insurance, they may not pay for them if they are not failing, that is, if they do not have recurrent decay. Sometimes the ins. company asks for X-rays to indicate if decay is present and it isn't right to ask the insurance co. to reimburse you simply because you like the appearance of tooth-colored fillings better than the silver ones. READ MORE

  • Can flossing causes spaces between my teeth?


  • How often do you need your teeth cleaned?

    You should see your dentist at least once per year. Are you concerned that you might have tooth decay or gum disease? You should be. How about oral cancer, God forbid! Get a cancer screening, X-rays, exam, and cleaning and get out of your state of denial. I am not your mother, but you are an adult and you are free to do whatever you want, but you need to be true to yourself. READ MORE

  • Are my medications staining my teeth?

    Yes, that is very common. Ask your Physician if there is another form of supplement that will avoid the problem. Meantime, once the alternative replaces the iron tablets, go to the dentist for a cleaning and the stains can be removed. READ MORE

  • What causes dental erosions?

    Chemical erosion usually comes from acidic foods and drinks that may linger in the mouth, like lemon juice.. Bulimia (throwing up) can cause it from the acid within vomit. Mechanical erosion from overzealous brushing with a medium or hard brush also a possibility. READ MORE

  • Is it bad that I leave food in between my teeth?

    Plaque plus food in between the teeth forms acid that can cause cavities and gum disease. Yes, its a bad idea. READ MORE

  • Why do I have sensitivity in all my lower teeth?

    Could be several possibilities: Root sensitivity would be my first guess, but you must see your dentist and let them diagnose the problem READ MORE

  • Do teeth get affected during pregnancy?

    Pregnancy gingivitis affects the gums and could cause tenderness and bleeding due to the fact that there are many hormones circulating in the body during pregnancy. The same processes that are forming new blood vessels and the circulatory system of the baby are going through you and can cause changes and inflammation of your gum tissues. Floss and brush everyday and if you experience significant pain, swelling, bleeding, tenderness, see your dentist and they can help. READ MORE

  • I have a boil on my gums. What should I do to treat it?

    See the dentist. READ MORE

  • Can braces get rusted?

    No. Ask your dentist if you are worried. READ MORE

  • Can you be prone to getting cavities?

    Certainly. But he can help minimize the likelihood by using Act flouride rinse- if he is old enough. Before bedtime, after all eating and drinking, brush w/ toothpaste and rinse w/ water. They fill the bottlecap up to the line and swish for 1 minute. Then spit out and keep spitting out for 1 minute. DO NOT RINSE. Go to bed. Do this 3 times per week. READ MORE

  • My tooth infection keeps coming back. Can it signify something more serious?

    Get a second opinion and tell your physician about it. It is possible that there is an underlying systemic condition such as diabetes, but I cannot tell you what is going on based on limited information. AllI can say is that the infection must be controlled or resolved. READ MORE

  • Swollen and localised pain after done a deep cleaning; is this normal?

    Tell you dentist. Sometimes if pockets are 6 mm., giving antibiotic concomitantly with therapy is a good idea for making an easier transition to health. Are you flossing daily and were you shown how to perform effective hygiene? This is critical to success and the responsibility of the dr. or hygienist to explain to you, and you to perform daily. READ MORE

  • Why am I so exhausted after removal of infected root canal molar?

    Visit your dentist, let them reevaluate and see your primary care physician and let them know what is happening. READ MORE

  • Are there any home remedies to treat bleeding gums?

    Ask dentist if he has gum disease. If so get it treated and bleeding should stop. If not, see a physician and tell them. READ MORE

  • What causes swelling in the gums?

    Usually infection. Show the dentist how you brush, floss and ask if it is appropriate. READ MORE

  • Are OTC products recommended for teeth whitening?

    Whitening strips work. Whitening toothpaste is not effective unless you use it for a long time. That is a waste of money. If you want to whiten more than a little, go to the dentist for custom whitening trays and gel. READ MORE

  • I have some pain around the right side of my jawline. What could it be?

    See a dentist. You need an X-ray and gum evaluation. READ MORE

  • What causes yellowing teeth?

    Get a dental cleaning and polishing. If that doesn’t help, may need X-rays. If only front 2 teeth, maybe whitening. READ MORE

  • My gum is swollen but only in the back of my mouth. What could this be?

    Infection. See a dentist. READ MORE

  • I have tooth sensitivity but no cavities. What could be the reason?

    Toothbrush/brushing technique, gum disease with bone loss and gum recession. Ask if you have root sensitivity. If so, can use Act fluoride rinse and/or have bonded fillings to cover sensitive roots. READ MORE

  • What can be done for chipped tooth?

    Bonding. READ MORE

  • How long will a teeth whitening treatment last?

    18 months on average before color begins to revert, but can do touch ups to keep whitened shade. READ MORE

  • How often should you floss?

    Daily. READ MORE

  • I have a black stain on my tooth. How can I get it removed?

    Possibly. Ask your dentist if it can be polished away. READ MORE

  • Do dental whitening toothpastes contain bleach?


  • Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist G4 implants

    Never heard of those implants. Get a second opinion. READ MORE

  • How long will I have to wait for my next session after first round of root canal?

    One or two weeks is fine. If you have to wait much longer, maybe the office is too busy for you. Sometimes, calcium hydroxide therapy is utilized and it takes up to one month to work before last visit when root canal therapy is completed. READ MORE

  • What is the best way to treat dental plaque?

    Toothbrushing daily with toothpaste. READ MORE

  • Braces

    Not necessarily. READ MORE

  • Is teething delay in children normal?

    Yes, sometimes it occurs later than others. Ask your dentist about it. READ MORE

  • My gum hurts where my wisdom tooth was taken out. Is this normal?

    See your dentist. Get an X-ray and evaluation. READ MORE

  • I had a root canal and the same tooth is hurting again. What should I do?

    Go back to the dentist that did it. Or go to a specialist (Endodontist). If you waited over a month after the root canal, the temporary filling may be leaking and the root canal failing READ MORE

  • My nephew has one tooth erupting and he is just 1 month old. Is it normal?

    Yes, it is normal. Some children get their teeth sooner and some later than others READ MORE

  • How should I select my toothpaste?

    Colgate total. It has an FDA approved plaque killing agent that works for several hours. Other toothpastes like Crest have only unproven claims. Whitening toothpastes are more abrasive and an ineffective method for whitening. Act Fluoride rinse (use at night) is better than any desensitizing toothpaste and remineralizing toothpastes are BS; Chewing on cheese and leaving it in your mouth for a few minutes works better. The "sodium caseinate" ingredient in these toothpastes is casein- the protein in milk that curdles. No magic here. READ MORE

  • My son's teeth are discoloured. Why?

    Juice could cause this. Iron supplements that are chewable can do it. Have the dentist do a cleaning and see if it disappears. If a tooth sustains trauma like falling on it, it can turn black when the pulp(nerve) dies but not ALL of the teeth. READ MORE

  • What is the right age for kids to brush their teeth on their own?

    Kids can overbrush, underbrush, forget to brush, brush hard on the gums and damage them, use too much toothpaste and swallow it- all can be bad. Teach them to do it on their own but always WATCH them. After they turn 5 they are mature enough to be in charge. READ MORE

  • What does bone loss in the teeth mean?

    Bone loss around the teeth that hold the teeth in place. This is Periodontal disease and diabetics ESPECIALLY need to get it treated, follow directions and go 2-4 times per year for cleanings. It will help control the severity of your diabetes as well. You must floss as well as brush. You may have bone loss but your periodontal disease is under control. If so, that is better but keep up with regular care. READ MORE

  • Can a tooth abscess be seen on an X-ray?

    sometimes, usually if it is present for 6 months to a year. You can get a pulp test to identify it sooner. How old? is it the adult tooth coming in? too many possibilities. See the dentist- they will evaluate it and maybe take an x-ray. READ MORE

  • Is oil pulling ever recommended by dentists?

    This is really just stupid if you don't mind me saying that. Supposedly bacterial cells stick to the oil and you spit them out with the oil. Why not brush your teeth and gently brush your tongue and then spit out these bacteria? Flossing removes the rest of the bacteria and you are done. A lot simpler than leaving oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. READ MORE

  • Is higher or lower pressure better with water flossers?

    leave it half way. that is safest. READ MORE

  • What are the natural ways to deal with tooth sensitivity?

    Tough call. If you know which tooth it is and pain lasts for a minute or more, wakes you up from sleep, you should get the root canal or extraction. You won't get painkillers when you are pregnant; may be better not to wait. Don't know natural ways to treat tooth sensitivity. READ MORE

  • What could be the cause of my throbbing tooth pain?

    the bite could be hitting too hard on this tooth; you might have a gum abscess; maybe dental infection. See the dentist and they will figure it out. READ MORE

  • How long after my extraction stitches are removed can I drink or eat?

    immediately READ MORE

  • What are the steps involved in maintaining good oral hygiene?

    floss daily and just gargle with water. Go to the dentist twice a year for professional cleaning. READ MORE

  • What are the best ways to get rid of tooth sensitivity?

    Act fluoride rinse swish for one minute before bed and after brush, floss and rinsing. Then spit out and continue to spit out for 1 minute. then do not rinse; go to bed. Every day for 2 weeks, then 3 times per week thereafter. If sensitivity is pretty bad, you can get bonding to cover the sensitive spots and it will disappear READ MORE

  • I had my wisdom tooth removed yesterday. When can I start eating solid food again?

    wait a day or two. You can eat tomorrow, just be careful- favor the opposite side and rinse after eating. If the doctor did not give you instructions, call them ASAP and ask. They are required to tell you. READ MORE

  • How can I manage my child’s dental health yet allow him to eat sweets?

    Sugar, sweets and chocolate give you and your child cavities. Tooth decay is a disease and the consequences include pain, big dental bills, and many bad things you would never want for your child. get rid of all the candy and sweets in your house. tell your child that sweets have tiny bugs in them that eat holes in your teeth and he should not eat any of it. If you don't make a firm commitment now, you will regret it. Tell him if he ever eats sweets, he must rinse the bugs out with a lot of water. Teach him about fruits. they are sweet and they don't have bugs in them. Tell him you will buy him all the fruits he wants and let him taste a lot of different ones and always have some in the house. The bugs actually do form after you eat sweets but that is too complicated at his age. Also, you can buy sweets made with Xylitol which is all natural, tastes like sugar, and won't give him cavities. Tell him this is the only candy without bugs. READ MORE

  • Can using mouthwash frequently negatively impact the health of my teeth?

    Mouthwash is useless except to make your breath smell nice. The alcohol in mouthwash could hurt the gum tissues and one study said that mouthwash is bad because it kills good bacteria as well as bad bacteria in your mouth. Mouthwash only kills the bacteria you can reach with your toothbrush; I would rather brush my teeth and spit out the germs than rinse with mouthwash and have a bunch of dead germs in my mouth. Save your money. Don't use it at all. READ MORE

  • How long does it take for permanent teeth to come after his primary teeth fall?

    Usually pretty soon, but if you are worried about whether everything is normal, the dentist can take an x-ray to see if the permanent teeth are present. READ MORE

  • What is the course of treatment for periodontitis?

    scaling and root planing in all quadratnt with gum pockets 5 mm. or greater. then reevaluation if pockets are still too deep to maintain, for surgery. treatment will not work unless she commits to daily flossing and regular follow up. READ MORE

  • I had a root canal and the area still hurts. Is something wrong?

    If the dentist said the treatment was completed you may need to see a specialist. there may be an additional root canal that needs to be treated. If you waited too ling with the temporary filling, the filling may be leaking and causing the root canal to fail. if the tooth was never restored with a crown, the tooth may have fractured. READ MORE

  • I had some bleeding in my gums while brushing. Could it be serious?

    probably have gum disease. get a good cleaning, ask the dentist to do a perio charting and get a copy. look at it and if there are any numbers 5 or higher, ask dentist to show you where 5 millimeters is on their perio probe. then ask them to show you the pocket in your mouth while you watch in the mirror. if it is really 5 mm deep, then follow their instructions and get scaling and root planing in each quadrant (upper left, lower right, etc.) where the charting shows 5 mm. pockets or higher. the pockets must be reduced in order to be able to control gum disease and if you aren't going to commit to flossing almost every day, the treatment will ultimately fail. then you will live with the disease, you will not be in a state of health, and this may lead to premature tooth loss. READ MORE

  • For small kids how frequent should dentist visits be?

    Once a year if there aren't cavities. READ MORE

  • At what age can my little one start brushing her teeth on her own?

    around 5, maybe sooner if you observe them and they do it correctly three consecutive times. use the toothpast for young children without fluoride and use very little. a pea-sized amount. make sure they are not swallowing toothpaste and not brushing on the gums. READ MORE

  • Will frequent teeth cleanings remove spots from my teeth?

    depends. if you drink lots of tea or coffee every day it may be difficult to remove. ask for a dental office with a prophyjet. this is more effective READ MORE

  • My front tooth got chipped at the bottom. What can be done about it?

    Bonding can possibly be done. READ MORE

  • Will mouthwash erode my teeth enamel?

    Mouthwash is unnecessary; just brush AND floss daily. See a dentist. You may have gum disease. READ MORE

  • Can pomegranate cause teeth staining?

    yes READ MORE

  • Are cavities possible in baby teeth?

    of course. READ MORE

  • My molars are hurting. I already had my wisdom teeth all taken out. What can this be?

    Gum disease, tooth decay, sinusitis, many possibilities. see your dentist and ask. READ MORE

  • What are the ways to close the gap between two frontal teeth?

    Orthodontics, crowns, laminates, or composite bonding READ MORE

  • Is bleeding of gums dangerous for a diabetic patient?

    Certainly. Diabetes and gum disease affect each other. Get to a dentist ASAP and have this treated and practice good oral hygiene- floss daily and see your dentist every 3 months for a cleaning after the gum disease is under control and your diabetes problem will show improvement. Getting cleanings every 3 months could actually help you reduce the number of medications you need for diabetes. You must control carbohydrate intake and eat less and become more active. This is not medical advice, it is only my opinion. READ MORE

  • I underwent a root canal treatment and it is in pain again. What could be the reason?

    Go back to the dentist and let them evaluate it. READ MORE

  • How many times should I floss?

    Flossing is harmful if you do it incorrectly; if you are not sawing it under the gums and being rough, I could see the potential to cause trauma, but it is really silly to say it could be harmful. Flossing once per day properly and thoroughly is sufficient to maintain health. This is not medical Advice, it is just my opinion. READ MORE

  • I have severe pain in my deep cavity filling. What could this be?

    Get the bite checked by the dentist. Make sure it is not hitting harder than the other teeth when you bite or clench and grind forward, back, left and right. You may need root canal if pain does not subside in upcoming weeks. The tooth is like bone- it takes 6-8weeks to heal. If pain is intense for 1 minute, wakes you up at night, comes on out of the blue and continues for 1 minute, you may need the root canal or extraction. Get x-rays and get cavities restored before they become so deep and you will have less problems, hopefully, in the future. This is not medical advice, it is my opinion. READ MORE

  • I have white dots on both of my gums and tongue. What could these be?

    Let your dentist look at it and tell you if it is normal or a cause for concern. READ MORE

  • Why does my breath stink?

    If you have not already, see your dentist. It may be a gum or tooth infection, gum disease, a significant buildup of tartar (calculus), etc. If you have had the cleaning, addressed all dental issues, and brushing and flossing daily, it may be GERD. This is when stomach acids slip up into the back of the throat. Some people just have bad breath when they get up in the morning because they have not eaten and the body goes into starvation mode, burning the fat stores for energy. Also brush the tongue when you brush to remove odor causing plaque and bacterial by-products. READ MORE

  • I am getting abscesses in my infected tooth. How do I treat them?

    You need either a root canal, post and crown OR an extraction. This is not medical advice, it is just my opinion. READ MORE

  • Why are some people's canine teeth sharper than others?

    First of all, the shape of teeth are variable. All canines have certain characteristics in common, however they do not all look exactly the same; some may have more rounded cusps and some may be sharper or more pointy. Also, the way that teeth wear and the degree to which they wear can cause them to become more rounded or more sharp and pointed. This is my opinion, not medical advice. READ MORE

  • Why do some dentists hurt during cleanings more than others?

    Ok, there are a few things to understand. When a dentist performs a "cleaning" the term used and the insurance code is a "prophylaxis". That means prevention and it is defined as cleaning and scraping away the buildup and stains at or above the gumline. That kind of cleaning does not hurt much unless you have receeded gums and cold drinks are bothersome(root sensitivity). But the buildup exists below the gumline too in most cases, and some dentists are so devoted that they will clean below the gumline to remove as much buildup as possible, which is a better service and really MORE than a prophy. This unfortunately can be more painful, Novocaine gel can be applied beforehand to lessen this. You really need to get evaluated for periodontitis which is irreversible bone loss- gum disease- as opposed to gingivitis which is reversible inflammation. Get your perio charting of the whole mouth and any pockets measuring 5mm or more indicate periodontitis which requires Scaling and root planing (different code and term than prophylaxis which means definitive removal of the mineralized buildup below the gumline) and it is often performed with novocaine injections prior to treatment to control discomfort. This is not medical advice, it is only my opinion. Thanks Dr. Acquista READ MORE

  • What is gingivitis and its risk factors?

    Gingivitis is a reversible form of gum disease. If the buildup of plaque, which is the bacteria and their byproducts which forms on the teeth, is removed with proper brushing and flossing every day, then the gingivitis will disappear in 2 weeks. Sugary foods and drinks as well as carbohydrate-containing foods such as potatoes and pasta cause more plaque than other foods and drinks. This is not medical advice- it is just my opinion. Thank you. READ MORE

  • Are these crackling sounds in my ear from TMJ?

    Yes it is possibly related to your previous TMJ issues. You almost always will be predisposed to flareups but there are some things you can do to minimize the likelihood of flareups. Avoid chewing gum, opening wide, and foods that require a lot of hard chewing. Increased stress can also help to cause a flareup. If you clench and/or grind your teeth at night, a nightguard might help. Aspirin, advil, or aleve as directed with food if you have pain and a soft diet is recommended until symptoms subside. If you need to see a dentist with expertise in TMJ in my neighborhood, try Dr. Bernstein. Most flareups are self-limiting but see a doctor if symptoms persist or are worsening. This is my opinion- not medical advice. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Cosmetic dentistry, Implant restoration, Endodontic ( Root canal) therapy

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • - 2017



  • Bridges
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Bonding
  • Bleaching
  • Veneers
  • Ceramic Crowns
  • Crowns
  • Dental Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Fluoride
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Initial Oral Examination
  • Metal-free Crowns (ceramic Crowns)
  • Night Guards
  • Periodontal Treatment
  • Perioprotect
  • Root Canals
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Brushing And Flossing Instructions
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Sealants
  • Cosmetic Dentures
  • Treating Bad Breath
  • Diagnosing Oral Diseases
  • Tooth Decay
  • Periodontal (gum) Disease
  • Tmj Problems
  • Malocclusion
  • Restoring Decayed Teeth
  • Amalgam (silver) Fillings
  • Composite Fillings
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Non-surgical Gum Treatments
  • Periodontal Therapy
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Toothaches
  • Traumatic Injuries

Professional Memberships

  • Acdemy of General Dentistry, Steinway Study Club, Peninsula Dental Society,
  • Professional MemberAcademy of General Dentistry
  • Professional MemberSteinway Study Club
  • Professional MemberPeninsula Dental Society
  • Professional MemberBay Ridge Dental Society


  • West Chester County Med CenterGeneral Practice

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Guild for Exceptional Children

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