Dr. David A. Dischler, DDS, MAGD, Dentist
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Dr. David A. Dischler, DDS, MAGD

Dentist | General Practice

33755 N Scottsdale Rd Unit 115 Scottsdale AZ, 85266


Dr. Dischler is a dedicated dentist in North Scottsdale and has been involved in community and volunteer service since 1977. He is past president of the Arizona Dental Association, The Arizona Board of Dental Examiners, and has achieved the Master designation in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Dischler is a general dentist concentrating on preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, and high quality cosmetic full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Dischler is approved as a Qualified Dentist by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine to treat Sleep Apnea. He is acknowledged by his patients as a caring, compassionate practitioner. Boulders Dental Art offers cutting edge, high tech delivery of today’s dental procedures in a comfortable, calming environment. The patients are surrounded by the serenity of the majestic boulders in North Scottsdale. Our practice exemplifies honesty, empathy, and compassion, considering the patients best interest as our goal.

Education and Training

New York University DDS, MAGD 1977

Board Certification

American Board of Sleep Medicine

Provider Details

Dr. David A. Dischler, DDS, MAGD
Dr. David A. Dischler, DDS, MAGD's Expert Contributions
  • Lump on Alveolar Mucosa, Do I have oral cancer?

    It is difficult to make a diagnosis without a visual exam and the information you provided. Since you have reported it being there at least 2 months it would be prudent to see an oral surgeon for an accurate diagnosis.  READ MORE

  • What material partials are the best?

    Removable partial dentures made with Valplast, resin, Vitalium and titanium offer more choices for patients, satisfying their individual needs. READ MORE

  • Can gum recession be cured?

    Gum recession can not be cured once the integrity of the gum and bone is lost. With diligent periodontal care by a  dental professional the disease process can be stopped and further damage arrested.  READ MORE

  • Can I use mouthwash 2 days after a root canal?

    Since most mouth wash contains alcohol, it's advisable to wait 4 days before resuming normal oral habits. Soft foods are also recommended for several days until the tooth heals. Patients should consider placing a post and crown after one week of root canal completion. READ MORE

  • Do teeth become weak after a root canal?

    Teeth do become more fragile after root canal therapy. After the infected pulp is removed the treated tooth no longer has a blood supply and can become  brittle and susceptible to fracture. It's advisable to strengthen the tooth with a post and crown soon after the root canal is completed. Once restored a patient can expect many years of service from the treated tooth. READ MORE

  • Is Invisalign treatment permanent?

    Invisalign is usually permanent,as long as the patient wears their retainers. READ MORE

  • What water flosser is best with braces?

    I endorse using a water flosser on braces and encourage patients to do their due diligence and buy the one that fits their needs and budget. READ MORE

  • Can I tighten a loose partial denture?

    You can, but it's not recommended. Titanium clasps are strong but brittle. If you don't use the appropriate pressure adjusting them, they will break. I suggest letting your dentist adjust the partial appropriately allowing for a comfortable fit. READ MORE

  • Do teeth stay straight after braces?

    Yes, teeth move after braces even with retainers. Wisdom teeth if present can contribute to the shifting .The same dynamics which contributed to the original malalignment problem  may continue to exist and cause shifting.  If shifting occurs post completion, the orthodontist may recommend a fixed lower retainer which is quite effective and unnoticeable.  READ MORE

  • Co you need a root canal before getting a zirconia crown?

    If the nerve and root structure are in good condition and no lesion is evident on x-ray you should not need a root canal. READ MORE

  • Is implant safe?

    An implant placement is safe when done by a certified surgeon using high quality implant parts. An implant supported crown is the gold standard replacement for a missing tooth. READ MORE

  • Are fixed dentures safe?

    Implant supported dentures are safe when the implants are placed by an implant  specialist and constructed so they can be periodically removed and cleaned. Optimum maintenance is required to minimize inflammation and infection. Well made fixed dentures are an excellent prosthesis for edentulous patients.  READ MORE

  • Can I get implants under general anesthesia?

    Implants are best placed by periodontists or oral surgeons,  and if a patient requests general anesthesia these offices are well equipped to accommodate these patients in a safe manner. READ MORE

  • Can partial dentures cause jaw damage?

    When restoring missing or damaged dentition it is imperative that the occlusion is properly balanced or it can over stress the jaw ligaments and cause pain and over time damage . READ MORE

  • How long does a root canal with a crown last?

    A well completed rootcanaled tooth with a superior fitting crown can last for decades. READ MORE

  • How can I brush my teeth with implants?

    Use a soft toothbrush to clean around the implant and surrounding dentition. A Water Pik with a small amount of Peridex is very helpful in removing accumulated debris, at least once daily. The use of an interproximal brush is imperative along with regular check ups and cleanings, alternating with a periodontist.  READ MORE

  • Are titanium implants safe?

    Titanium is an extremely safe metal to use in implants. It has many unique properties such as it is highly resistant to chemical attack and it is extremely strong. READ MORE

  • How many times should I clean my partial dentures?

    You should brush your partial every time you eat or at least twice a day. READ MORE

  • Can gum infection go away on its own?

    It's always best to see your dentist for evaluation and a treatment. At home a patient should ideally brush and floss after each meal .Various mouth rinses can be used including salt water. Brushing with a soft electric brush with baking soda deacidifies the mouth ,whitens teeth and can help heal gums . Optimum oral health involves a partnership between the dentist and a willing patient to reach ideal gingival health. READ MORE

  • Can you chew gum with implants?

    Once the implant is fully integrated and restored with a crown you can chew sugar free gum. READ MORE

Expert Publications

Data provided by the National Library of Medicine

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Past President Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners -
  • Past President Arizona Dental Association 2002 - 2003


  • Qualified Dentist Designation 2020 Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine 

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine  
  • Academy of General Dentistry  
  • International college of Dentists  
  • American Dental Association  

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Boulders Dental Art

33755 N Scottsdale Rd Unit 115 -
Scottsdale, AZ 85266
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Media Releases

Get to know Dr. David A. Dischler, who serves patients in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A top dentist, Dr. Dischler sees patients at his private practice, Boulders Dental Art, in North Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Dr. Dischler is a graduate of New York University and has practiced high quality, patient centered dentistry for over forty years. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and the International college of Dentists. He achieved the prestigious Master of the Academy of General Dentistry in 2013, and the Qualified Dentist Designation from the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine in 2020, which enhanced his excellence in dental delivery. Dr. Dischler also served as a board member of the Charitable Foundation for a local non-profit dental insurance company. 

After graduating with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University College of Dentistry in 1977, Dr. Dischler practiced on Park Avenue for a short period of time. He then moved with his family to Arizona and began his practice in Scottsdale. He mentored with a senior dentist for five years, during which time he worked in his private practice on a part-time basis.

The mission of Boulders Dental Art is to provide the highest quality dentistry from single tooth restorations to total oral rehabilitation. Dental delivery in the office takes a holistic approach by integrating total patient health with dental care.

The atmosphere at Boulders Dental Art is extremely high tech but warm and inviting. The minute an individual walks through the front door, they will immediately be overwhelmed by a friendly, comfortable environment. While the staff is always professional, each patient is treated like a family member, with sincere caring that becomes apparent in the delivery of high-quality dental care. 

Dr. Dischler has accumulated over 1100 hours of continuing education credits and was awarded the status of Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD) in 2013. Dr. Dischler has also been inducted into three honorary Dental Academies for his leadership and volunteer work in the local and state dental associations.

On a more personal note, his hobbies include reading, hiking, automobiles, and flying. He speaks English, Italian, and Spanish.

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