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Wine May Prevent Cavities

Wine May Prevent Cavities

Researchers from Italy's University of Pavia have revealed that red wine and white wine may fight against the bacteria that causes cavities. But the study was done invitro; it will be some time before this will be recommended as a method to prevent cavities.

For this study, researchers used two types of wine — valpolicella (an Italian red wine) and pinot nero (an Italian white wine). At the lab, the researchers removed the alcoholic content from both types of wine. This was done to prevent the interference of ethanol in lab tests. As the next step, the cavity-causing streptococcal bacteria were marinated with wine. Both types of wine inhibited the growth of streptococcal bacteria and other bacteria that may cause a throat infection.

Gabriella Gazzani, PhD, reported that red wine might have more antibacterial properties than white wine, but this study does not make it clear. The researchers isolated the acids found in red wine and white wine and tested it against the two species of bacteria — S. mutans and S. pyogenes. Results show that these acids were more effective in fighting the bacteria, when compared to the wines. Researchers reason that it is possible that wine may contain some compounds that may dilute the antibacterial benefits. The results of the study are published in, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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