Dr. Stephen Simonetti, DC, Chiropractor
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Dr. Stephen Simonetti, DC


708 149th St Whitestone NY, 11357


Dr. Stephen Simonetti is a Chiropractor practicing in Whitestone, NY. Dr. Simonetti since 1983. His office, the Cross Island Chiropractic Wellness Center, provides care geared to correct the cause of your health concerns so that health problems do not return.  Besides being experts in several traditional adjusting techniques, our office offers health coaching for the supportive lifestyle choices that insure your ongoing health and wellness. Dr. Simonetti is well versed in exercise physiology, nutrition, stress management and ergonomics. 

Education and Training

Life University College of Chiropractic

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Dr. Stephen Simonetti, DC
Dr. Stephen Simonetti, DC's Expert Contributions
  • Should my back hurt after chiropractic adjustment?

    Hello there, Although most people do not experience pain after an adjustment, it is possible to be sore after the first adjustment or two. Post-adjustment, muscles are working much differently, and just like when you have not exercised in a while, your muscles may ache a little bit. READ MORE

  • Is it good to get adjusted by a chiropractor?

    Hi there Miss 37 ears old, An adjustment is a fine-tuning of your nervous system, which allows your body to function at its best! Does that sound like something you should do? READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with leg weakness?

    Hi there: there are many causes of leg weakness. One of the most common is from irritation to the nerves in the lower spine. Many chiropractic adjustment that needs to remove that pressure Hi there: there are many causes of leg weakness. One of the most common is from irritation to the nerves in the lower spine. Many chiropractic adjustment techniques remove nerve irritation and improve the function and strength of the lower extremities. Chiropractic care is the most conservative approach for weakness and pain in the legs and should be considered first after you’re a doctor of chiropractic rules out any other possible conditions. READ MORE

  • Can chiropractors make arthritis worse?

    Hi there, no in fact chiropractors who are skilled in adjusting techniques will prevent arthritic development or progression! READ MORE

  • Why do chiropractors require so many visits?

    Hi there, That is a very good question! Our spines register every stress in our internal and external environment. Your spine is a fulcrum where your arms and legs pivot in and any stress of work, sleep, etc., register in your spine/nerve system. Emotional stress pulls muscles as well as changes the tone of the nervous system. Finally, and perhaps more now than ever before, your nerve system has to deal with chemical imbalances such as pesticides, preservatives in the food, garbage in the air and water, etc. All of the stresses caused the spine to misaligned, this is why I have been under care for 44 years. Most of that has been on a maintenance program except when I have more trauma to my spine and require more visits. Of course, if you strengthen your core muscles, stretch your hamstrings, keep your spinal muscles loose, eat a good diet, meditate, and reduce stress, you will need less visits to your nervous system working well! Chiropractic is a lifestyle choice just like all of the other things you do to stay healthy. Unfortunately, most people try to use chiropractic in an allopathic method, which is the treatment for problems. READ MORE

  • Is ice or heat better after chiropractic adjustment?

    Hi there, Unless you’re in acute pain where ice would be most beneficial. I usually don’t have people do anything after their adjustment. Sometimes it’s better not to jump in your car and to go for a short walk. READ MORE

  • Is it normal to hurt more after seeing a chiropractor?

    Hi there, you can feel a little sore after your first few adjustments. A skilled chiropractor will change his technique to determine what works best if you were still feeling discomfort READ MORE

  • How should I sleep to fix rounded shoulders?

    Hi there, for sure don’t sleep on your stomach. You can try on your back with a pillow under your knees a small pillow under your neck. If you’re a side sleeper, a pillow between your knees and a slightly thicker pillow under your neck. READ MORE

  • How do you know if your body is out of alignment?

    Hi there, the only true way to know is to see a doctor of chiropractic for a spinal evaluation. You cannot judge by symptoms as many people have not only a misalignment but wear and tear, or degenerative change (osteoarthritis) at one or multiple levels and have no symptoms. This is a fact I have observed over the last 38 years of checking peoples minds which often include x-rays. READ MORE

  • Should I wrap a sprained ankle at night?

    Hi there, it is best not to leave a wrap on your ankle overnight READ MORE

  • How long does a pinched nerve in the neck last?

    Hi there, A pinched nerve is really a medical diagnosis that does not mean much clinically. Meaning, you can have nerve irritation and have neck pain alone or you can have radiating pain into the arm. A chiropractic analysis is geared to determine what’s causing irritation to the nerve and to correct it rather than just dead in the nerve so you do not have pain. It is very difficult to answer how long it will take without knowing what’s causing irritation to the nerve. READ MORE

  • Is chiropractic good for headaches?

    Hi, Yes, many headache sufferers find relief from chiropractic care where other methods have failed. Most headaches are neuromuscular, which affects blood flow to the head, causing headaches. I would suggest that you consult with a doctor of chiropractic. READ MORE

  • Why does my neck crunch when I roll my head?

    Hi there, there could be several reasons why your neck cracks, or what it’s called crepitus when you roll your neck. At your age the most common reason would be spinal vertebra having excessive motion because they are compensating for other(s) where the joints are locked up which is part of a subluxation. The body is always trying to heal itself so other vertebra will take up the slack to compensate.Another reason could be arthritic change. I would highly recommend that you consult with the doctor of chiropractic. READ MORE

  • Does the posture corrector work?

    The best thing to correct posture is exercise/improved ergonomics with desk/computer work and chiropractic care, not in that order necessarily. Posture correctors are not the best way to improve posture. READ MORE

  • What is the fastest way to fix forward head posture?

    Hello there! A forward head translation is the most common faulty posture in North America. Be aware not to have more than one pillow when sleeping on your back. If side sleeping use one pillow as well but a little thicker one. If on the computer do an exercise every fifteen minutes for 5 seconds by tucking your chin in, look to the ceiling and roll your shoulders. Lastly, commonly a person with a forward head translation will also have a straight (military neck). Both of these conditions need to be analyzed by a doctor of chiropractic because of the impact it can have on your nerve system (specifically the tone of your spinal cord). READ MORE

  • How do chiropractors adjust ankles?

    Hi there, The adjustment of the ankle is kind of easy. Most sprains cause a misalignment of one of the 7 bones in your ankle. Over the years, I’ve adjusted many ankles and they respond sometimes miraculously. READ MORE

  • What do sports chiropractors do?

    Chiropractor specialty is adjusting the spine. The key is to find somebody who does that really well and also cannot handle sports injuries and maximizing athletic performance. Active release technique is the best way to handle most sports performance issues. Again, you need a doctor of chiropractic and also adjust the spine extremely well! READ MORE

  • My shoulder pain is getting worse without chiropractic?

    If you cannot find time to see your chiropractor at least to be sure you are not making your shoulder worse. Many times, shoulder pain is related to the neck. It can also be irritation to the shoulder (possible the rotator cuff muscles), and this will show up as pain only when you move your shoulder joint (although at times this can also be related to the neck). To help your neck (shoulder), do not sleep on your stomach. Take breaks at your computer/desk/phone time. Study proper ergonomics at your work station. Best of all, see your chiropractor! READ MORE

  • What does it mean when a chiropractor says you have a rib out?

    Hello, Some females can have unstable pelvis is due to hormonal activity. Your history will reveal other factors such as baring children, has injuries, occupation, activity level etc. Chiropractic adjustments often will help, although sometimes there’s supportive work that needs to be done particularly on the hip flexors and pelvis muscles. READ MORE

  • How do you know if your sciatic nerve is pinched?

    The sciatic nerve is actually composed of four different spinal nerves that join together, go through buttocks and split into smaller nerves. Sometimes people equate back pain or leg pain with irritation to the sciatic nerve or what is commonly called a pinching. The fact is a small percentage of any nerve relays pain. Nerves can be pinched and cause dysfunction In the body in the absence of pain. Your best bet to determine if you have a pinched sciatic nerve is to visit a doctor of chiropractic for a thorough examination. READ MORE


  • Diversified
  • Thompson

Professional Memberships

  • Honorary Lifetime Membership in the New York Chiropractic Council, the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations and the International Chiropractors Association.  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • President of the Wellness for All Foundation. Our Foundation educates orphans and other underprivileged children in Haiti.


  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

Teaching and speaking

  • Teach chiropractic technique and philosophy.

Dr. Stephen Simonetti, DC's Practice location

Stephen Simonetti, DC

708 149th St -
Whitestone, NY 11357
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New patients: 718-746-4777
Fax: 718-746-4739

708 149th Street -
Whitestone, NY 11357
Get Direction
New patients: 718-746-4777

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