Dr. Susan F. Brunner, MD, Internist
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Dr. Susan F. Brunner, MD


19th South Birmingham AL, 35233


Dr. Susan Brunner is a board certified internal medicine physician with a career practice in hospital medicine practicing at the Birmingham VA Medical Center. Doctors who practice in hospital settings only are called Hospitalists. Hospitalists manage both common and rare diseases with expertise in managing chronically ill patients in the hospital setting. Dr. Brunner provides comprehensive care and manages treatment other consulants often explaining things to patients in a language easier for them to understand. Dr. Brunner was raised by a nurse and spent time growing up in a hospital setting. Later she became a nursing assistant in the ICU while working on her chemistry degree in undergrad. Throughout her youth on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi hospitals were shelters for the many hurricanes she rode out . To her a hospital is home. She had the opportunity to fly on Carraway's Lifesaver helicopter as a flight physician for 2 years. After leaving Carraway she developed the first Hospitalist program in Birmingham. In 1998 no one had heard of the specialty so she assisted in getting other physicians to trust her with their hospitalized patients care and developing many local Hospitalist programs that are still running today. She very much enjoys guiding patients through a complex hospitalization and returning them happily and healthier to their normal life.   

Education and Training

UAB School of Medicine MD 1995

Board Certification

Internal MedicineAmerican Board of Internal MedicineABIM

Provider Details

Female English
Dr. Susan F. Brunner, MD
Dr. Susan F. Brunner, MD's Expert Contributions
  • How to Care for a Patient Who is Hungry and Wearing a Backless Gown

    When I go to get my car fixed it usually ends with me staring blankly at a mechanic who is trying his best to explain the charges and what he did to my car. My brain cannot comprehend the words he’s saying so I look into his eyes to see if I find him trustworthy with a sincere desire to keep my...

Areas of expertise and specialization

all adult patients meeting criteria for admission to an acute care hospital with diabetesall adult patients meeting criteria for admission to an acute care hospital with congestive heart failureall adult patients meeting criteria for admission to an acute care hospital with cirrhosisall adult patients meeting criteria for admission to an acute care hospital with kidney injuryall adult patients meeting criteria for admission to an acute care hospital with gastrointestinal bleedingall adult patients meeting criteria for admission to an acute care hospital with severe infections

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Medical Operations Chief FCC VISN 7 2022 - Present


  • Thomas C. Smith III Leadership Award 2022 VA Awards Committee 

Professional Memberships

  • NAIP  
  • SHM  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • West End Hills Baptist Church
  • Birmingham Museum of Art

What do you attribute your success to?

  • hard work and a passion for caring for vulnerable sick patients in the hospital setting

Favorite Place to Vacation

  • Anywhere Indiana Jones would go

Hobbies / Sports

  • yoga raising 4 amazing children with my husbandart and cultures

Dr. Susan F. Brunner, MD's Practice location

Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center

19th South -
Birmingham, AL 35233
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