Dr. Medina Diana Dadurian D.M.D, Dentist (Pediatric)
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Dr. Medina Diana Dadurian D.M.D

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Dr. Medina Dadurian is a pediatric dentist practicing in Paramus, NJ. Dr. Dadurian specializes in the oral health of children. Pediatric dentists tend to patients ranging in age from infancy to teenaged years. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Dadurian takes care of a childs teeth, gums and mouth. Children can face dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease without proper care. Pediatric dentists can provide dental examinations, give cleanings and treatments, repair cavitities and dental injuries like fractured or knocked-out teeth, diagnose oral conditions and more.

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Dr. Medina Diana Dadurian D.M.D
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  • Root canal on a baby tooth?

    The first question is how old is your son. Usually root canal therapy is recommended for a baby tooth which has decay near or into the nerve of the tooth because the adult tooth is no way near ready to grow in. Saving the baby tooth is to help maintain the integrity of the arch and to hold the spot for the adult tooth when it is ready to grow in. READ MORE

  • Can tooth grinding be a serious issue for kids?

    The sound of teeth grinding at night is concerning. The first question, how old is your daughter? Very young children, up to and including age 7 yrs old have been known to grind their teeth while asleep as a result of teething(their adult molars would be growing in then). Second question, is your daughter sensitive to environmental elements? Children who have post nasal drip/congestion as a result of dry air, allergies, etc do grind their teeth in an attempt to open their airway while sleeping. It would still be a good idea to consult your pediatric dentist to confirm/or rule out teething. READ MORE

  • How many times a year should kids get a teeth whitening?

    I commend you for taking your child for dental check ups and cleanings quarterly!!!! I don't recommend teeth whitening for pts under 16 years of age and definitely not "routinely". READ MORE

  • Can I use dental floss for my 4 year old?

    Great question!!! Absolutely!! The earlier you start good habits the better they are received!! READ MORE

  • What are the rubber bands on braces for?

    Good question! Generally speaking, there are 2 groups of elastics: 1. To hold the wire within the brackets in the teeth and 2. To apply a specific point of pressure on a tooth further move it into position. READ MORE

  • My child accidentally ate toothpaste. What should I do?

    While it's never advocated to consume toothpaste, your daughter should be fine, if indeed it was only three times (with the proviso that she didn't consume half or the whole tube of toothpaste at once). It may be advisable to physically supervise her brushing sessions to ensure that this does not occur again. If it should happen again, immediately give her a cup of milk to drink (milk inactivates the fluoride in the toothpaste). READ MORE

  • Is delayed teething in kids normal?

    Ten months of age and no teeth present is still within the normal range. If your child is over 18 months and no teeth have surfaced, it is advisable to seek an opinion from your pediatric dentist. What are the teething patterns of your and the father's families respectively? Eruption patterns are also inherited! READ MORE

  • Are teeth whitening toothpastes actually good?

    Teeth whitening toothpastes are only removing the food and extremely superficial staining of the food to make your teeth appear white. If you want your teeth whiter, you need to get them professionally bleached, then use these other products to maintain you hard earned whiteness! READ MORE

  • Are mouthwashes safe for kids?

    Being able to spit out adequately is a developmental milestone that children reach at the age of 6 years. It is not recommended to encourage mouthwash use in younger children. The only mouthwash 6 years of age and older children/adolescence should use is a fluoride rinse to help prevent cavities. READ MORE

  • Does bottle feed impact the teeth in a baby?

    Bottle feeding in and of itself isn't the problem. But the practices surrounding the use of bottles for feeding could be an issue. For instance, never leave the baby alone, lying on its back, and give a full bottle to be consumed. The liquid could back up into the ear canals and cause an infection, milk remaining in the mouth if the baby should fall asleep can cause cavities in all the teeth. The baby should always be in a sitting position when drinking from a bottle with an adult wiping out the mouth with a clean, new wet gauze to refresh the gums/tongue and brush the teeth with water at least. READ MORE

  • Are bleeding gums in kids a cause of concern?

    Bleeding gums are a concern at any age. It is very important to floss AND brush teeth daily, especially at bedtime so that the mouth and gums are clean during the 7-9 hours of sleep. This could be a result of hurried oral hygiene practices in addition to hormonal changes associated with puberty or the signal of something more serious. It's best to follow up with your regular pediatric dentist first. READ MORE

  • Is there a safe mouthwash for toddlers?

    Swishing and spitting are a developmental milestone that we achieve at age 6 years. If your toddler wants to copy you with mouthwash, put a little water in a cup and have them practice swishing with water after you've flossed and brushed their teeth. Introduce mouthwash when they turn 6 years of age. READ MORE

  • My baby is 7 months old and has 4 teeth. Should I use a brush to clean his teeth?

    That's wonderful news! Absolutely brush the 4 teeth with a infant tooth brush. Just dip the brush in some water, then scrub. You may want to use a gauze pad to massage and wipe the gums and the inside of the cheeks, too (a brush may be too harsh in these other areas). READ MORE

  • My daughter's milk teeth have still not fallen. What is the normal age?

    One answer to your question lies in the answer to this question: at what age did your daughter first teeth erupt into the mouth? The timetable for the exchange of baby teeth is dependent upon the growth timetable of the baby teeth. If she received them towards the later part of the range table then she'll exchange them a little later than her peers. It's best to check with her pediatric dentist to make sure she's on track. READ MORE

  • What is the earliest age someone can get braces?

    So many factors weigh in on knowing the right time to initiate orthodontic treatment. Your child's skeletal age, developmental age, and jaw relationship are just a few factors that need to be considered. Usually at age 7 years, if there is a cross bite, then a palatal expander is utilized to widen the upper arch in preparation for traditional braces later. Otherwise, generally speaking, 7 years is young to initiate traditional orthodontic treatment. The best advice is to ask your child's pediatric dentist for guidance! READ MORE

  • Can braces cause injury?

    These are all valid questions and concerns! Definitely ask your orthodontist how they handle these issues. Generally speaking, there usually are no "injuries" during the fitting process for braces. There will be an adjustment period of a few days to one week once the braces are applied. Generally you can expect soreness of the teeth and lips as you get accustomed to the new lip movements needed to speak/eat/drink. Tylenol/Motrin and warm salt water rinses usually manage the discomfort. I have not heard of an orthodontist numbing the mouth with local anesthetic for the application of braces. They may however apply a topical gel for temporary relief. READ MORE

  • My daughter fell and broke her front two teeth. What should we do?

    Traumas are never easy!!! Regardless of your daughter's age, it's recommended to see a pediatric dentist (who receive special training in handling pediatric and adult trauma to the teeth) to evaluate the teeth/bone in the area of the impact. They can better prepare you for all the possible future scenarios that can affect the teeth in the area. Rationalizing with a distraught child is one of the most difficult parts of parenting. READ MORE

  • Is it necessary to brush my 2 and a half year old's teeth twice per day?

    What a fun age in life both as a child and a parent! A two and a half year old usually eat/drink frequently throughout the day due to her small stomach size. Ideally, you should be flossing and brushing her teeth after each meal/snack/drink...except if it's water. The most critical time of the day to thoroughly brush a child's teeth is right before bed. In that way, you will have cleansed her teeth and mouth of everything she has consumed throughout the day and will not fuel the bacteria in her mouth to cause decay over time. READ MORE

  • Is thumb sucking bad for my child's teeth?

    Thumb sucking can "orthodontically" move the bone and teeth in the area causing the need for braces in the future depending upon how her teeth and jaws relate. Speak to your pediatric dentist to suggest alternatives for this self comforting habit. READ MORE

  • What causes bad breath in a toddler?

    Bad breath can be attributed not only from the mouth but also the stomach and the sinuses. If your son is developing allergies, has a constant runny nose, frequent ear infections, the bad breath may be due to the accumulation of nasal mucus in the back of the throat. It's best to discuss this with your son's pediatric dentist and pediatrician to narrow down the possible causes of the bad breath. READ MORE

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  • Aram

    She's great! Very informative and entertaining. Takes her time with my son. Very nurturing. Wish she was my dentist as a kid!

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