Dentist Questions Bad Breath

What causes bad breath in a toddler?

My 2 year old son has a problem with bad breath. We brush his teeth twice per day, but the problem still persists. What could be causing this? How can we fix this problem?

4 Answers

Hmmm. Make sure you are brushing his tongue as well. If you are and the bad breath has not subsided, I would check with his pediatrician to make sure he does not have acid reflux and have him evaluated for tonsil stones.
This is probably post nasal drip.
Bad breath can be attributed not only from the mouth but also the stomach and the sinuses. If your son is developing allergies, has a constant runny nose, frequent ear infections, the bad breath may be due to the accumulation of nasal mucus in the back of the throat. It's best to discuss this with your son's pediatric dentist and pediatrician to narrow down the possible causes of the bad breath.
Sometimes brushing the tongue as well as the teeth can help bad breath. Sometimes sinus infection or foreign body stuck in the nose can cause a terrible smell. Get a checkup if it persists