Pediatrician Questions Teething

Is delayed teething in kids normal?

My son is 10 months old and has not yet started teething. While my pediatrician says its normal, I'm still worried. I need a second opinion. Is this normal? And is there really nothing I could do about it?

6 Answers

It is not uncommon for some children to have delayed eruption. 10 months is not extremely late and if your pediatrician is not concerned with any other medical issues then I would not be concerned and give you child a few months. If nothing begins then your dentist could take a small individual x ray to evaluate but I's be patient for now
I would raise a red flag past the age of 15 months. Otherwise, cross your fingers and your toes that one pops up soon!
Ten months of age and no teeth present is still within the normal range. If your child is over 18 months and no teeth have surfaced, it is advisable to seek an opinion from your pediatric dentist. What are the teething patterns of your and the father's families respectively? Eruption patterns are also inherited!
Some children do not get teeth until 1 year old. If their hair and fingernails are normal the teeth will usually be normal. Delayed teething can help get less cavities while still on the bottle.
Later is better because the child will be older and better able to care for his teeth. The teeth will erupt when nature is ready, and not before. Don't worry. Also take your child for his first dental appointment around 18 months.