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At iPrecision Optometry, we strive to provide the best comprehensive family eyecare possible. We also provide our patients with medical eye services such as diagnosis and treatment/management of red eyes, ocular allergies, infectious conjunctivitis, dry eyes, corneal abrasions, corneal foreign body removal, cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy.

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OD at the Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry

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MaleEnglish 6 years of experience
Dr. Thai-Binh Nguyen O.D.
Dr. Thai-Binh Nguyen O.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • Are there drops available to treat dry eyes?

    Dry eyes is a chronic condition that needs to be assessed properly to determine the type and severity of dry eye syndrome. Since there are many different brands of dry eye drops on the market, your eye care professional will be the best person to determine the proper dry eye drops. I usually recommend most of my dry eye patients to use 'Systane Complete' five times a day, or more as needed. I then have my dry eye patients return in 1 - 2 months to assess if the specific brand of dry eye drop is working effectively. READ MORE

  • What is the reason for repeated pink eye?

    I would visit an eye care professional to determine the root cause of your daughter's recurrent pink eye but in my experience, recurrent pink eye is due to patient's not washing his/her hands properly before touching his/her eye(s). Also, pink eye is usually caused by a virus so it can be contagious and spread from one eye to the other eye. Also, frequent flu/colds can cause pink eyes also. Remember, if the pink eyes are due to a viral nature, then using antibiotic drops will be of NO use, since antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. READ MORE

  • Can zero power glasses cause any harm to my eyes?

    No, if that is your proper/correct spectacle prescription. However, I would recommend visiting your eye care professional to determine the proper spectacle prescription, since some patients have an unbalanced prescription where one eye has no prescription, but the other eye does require one. If this is the case, then the good eye usually takes over and patient sees fine binocular (with both eyes open) but is unaware that the poorly seeing eye requires correction to see better. READ MORE

  • Are there any natural ways to get rid of a stye?

    To relieve most styes, you can use warm compresses 3 to 4 times a day (15-20 minutes each time). You can easily make your own warm compress by placing some raw rice grains into a new clean sock (small round size like a small potato) and then use a microwave to heat it for about one minute. Be careful your warm compress is NOT too hot that when you place it gently on your affected eyelid with the stye. I would recommend performing the warm compresses for about a week or until stye resolves. If your stye doesn't resolve in about 2-3 weeks, the I would recommend visiting an eye care professional to determine the cause. READ MORE

  • What treatment do you recommend for amblyopic eye?

    I would recommend visiting an optometrist specializing in vision therapy to properly assess the severity of your daughter's amblyopic eye, and possible treatment options. READ MORE

  • Can a two year old have glasses?

    Yes, it is possible for a 2 year old to wear prescription glasses depending on his/her refractive nature and other visual factors determined by your eye care professional. READ MORE

  • How often should I get an eye examination?

    Yes, you should have an annual eye examination by an eye care professional every year to determine if you need an updated spectacle prescription, and your ocular health is fine. READ MORE

  • Can contact lenses cause eye infections?

    Yes, contact lenses can cause eye infections if NOT properly wearing them according to the contact lens wearing schedule determined by your eye care professional and the particular contact lens. Remember contact lenses are medical devices that you are wearing on your eyes that can affect the ocular health of your cornea (the ocular structure located in the front part of your eye that focuses the incoming light). For example, not properly cleaning and storing certain types of contact lenses can cause possible eye infections. READ MORE

  • Can I wear contact lenses beyond the recommended use?

    You should NOT wear your contact lenses beyond the recommended wearing schedule. For example, if you are wearing 2 week daily contact lenses, then you should be discarding these contacts every 2 weeks. If you wear these contacts beyond the 2 weeks then you risk for developing possible protein deposits on your contacts that may affect your vision and comfortability even with continual cleaning of the contacts every day. With improper extended wear of your 2 week contacts, you may also be at an increased risk for eye infections. My recommendation is that if you find that you are extending your 2 week contacts to 3 weeks, then I would consider having your eye care professional evaluate and determine if a monthly daily contact lens would be a better option for you. If this is an option, then you would need to purchase fewer contact lenses and be able to wear them a longer period of time. READ MORE

  • When should I change my contact lenses?

    It depends on the wearing schedule of your particular contact lens. You should visit your eye care professional, so that he/she can properly assess which contact lens type and wearing schedule would be be suited for your visual needs. READ MORE

  • Are there any drops to keep my eyes clear of infections?

    Not at the present time. READ MORE

  • What will happen if I sleep with my contact lenses?

    For most contact lens wearer who accidentally sleep in their contacts, they may suffer from red and irritated eyes, and in some extreme cases painful eyes due to an eye infection. If the eye infection is not properly treated, then visual impairment may occur. Just don't sleep in your contacts!!! READ MORE

  • Will my son need glasses for life?

    It depends on your son's refractive error/condition (eye prescription). I would recommend your son to have annual eye examinations, so that your eye care professional can best monitor your son's refractive error and determine the best course of treatment. Remember a person's refractive error will usually change until he/she reaches late 20's or early 30's. The amount of prescription change will vary on each individual. READ MORE

  • How often should I get an eye test?

    You should get an eye examination every year (annually) to determine your proper prescription and to check for your ocular health which can be affected even if your prescription doesn't change. READ MORE

  • What is the way to treat eye strain due to excessive computer use?

    You can take a 5 minute break from computer use every 20 minutes to relax your eyes. You can also consider prescription-based computer glasses that will help you to relax your eyes while working at intermediate distances such as a computer. I would also recommend anti-glare lenses with blue light protection which will reduce the amount of glare and dangerous blue light from damaging the back of your eye. READ MORE

  • What care and precaution do I need to take for my son's cylindrical vision?

    Your son has astigmatism (cylindrical power), which is a problem with how the eye focuses light. If he has prescription glasses, then have him wear them...it should improve his vision and make it more comfortable for him to see both far and near. Make sure he doesn't rub his eyes, which can cause trauma to the cornea and change its curvature, so the result may worsen his astigmatism. READ MORE

  • I am getting a headache from my glasses. Please help.

    If your eyeglass prescription is correct, and the glasses are measured correctly, then it may be a issue that is not eye-related. If your headaches have worsen, then I would recommend seeing a neurologist who can perform diagnostic tests such CT or MRI to make sure that there are no serious issues such as tumors. READ MORE

  • Is a squint surgery safe for a 12 year old?

    Your daughter should have a comprehensive eye exam from an eyecare professional to determine if she may need a glasses or contact lens prescription, since her squinting may be due to her visual system being unable to focus light correctly, so she is seeing blurry images. READ MORE

  • Why do my eyes feel very tired after wearing glasses?

    It may just be an initial adjustment issue. However, if your eyes feel tired or strain after wearing for less than 5 minutes, then it maybe due to measurement errors of the frame, or an inappropriate glasses prescription. You must also know what your glasses were designed to be used for (distance only, computer only, reading only, or all the time), and use them appropriately. I would contact the eye doctor that prescribed your glasses, and voice your concerns. READ MORE

  • What is the difference between optometrist and an ophthalmologist?

    The major difference between an optometrist (OD) and ophthalmologist (OMD) is that an OMD is trained to perform surgery, since he/she is a medical doctor. However, in some states, such as Oklahoma, OD's are trained to perform certain laser eye surgeries through the use of surgical means. ODs are trained to use non-surgical, non-invasive methods (lenses, prisms, telescopes, medication) to treat and manage visual problems and/or diseases. READ MORE

  • My mother is unable to see clearly even after the corrective eye surgery. What should I do now?

    I would recommend your mother go back to the eye surgeon that performed her procedure, and voice her concerns. The surgeon should be able to give her a reasonable answer. However, It is impossible for me to give a reasonable answer to your question without knowing all the facts. For instance, did your mother undergo monovision LASIK procedure where the surgical procedure results in one eye seeing distance, and the other eye seeing near? Regardless, it is always best to return to the original eye surgeon who performed the procedure, so that he/she can fully address your concerns. READ MORE

  • Why do I see hazy in the night?

    You may be suffering from the intense glare of the headlights on the road. You should consider wearing anti-glare lenses which will reduce the amount of glare. You should also consider an eye exam, since you may need prescription glasses, which may improve your vision in both day and night. READ MORE

  • How often should we ideally visit an optometrist?

    You should visit your optometrist annually for a check-up to see if any visual changes have taken place. READ MORE

  • Eye drop usage

    What type of eye drops are you using? What are the eye drops used for? If you are being prescribed eye drops from a eye care professional, then follow his/her directions with respect to frequency and duration of usage. In any case, it is better to have an eye examination by an eye care professional to determine if eye drops are necessary for your eye condition. READ MORE

  • Is there a cure for color blindness?

    There is no cure for color deficiency (color blindness), which is a hereditary condition that is passed on my mothers carrying the recessive sex-linked gene for color-blindness to their sons. Individuals who are color blind are really color deficient because they can discriminate only certain colors, but some colors they won't be able to tell the difference such as red, green, and/or blue. Enchroma glasses for individuals with a red or green color deficiency may help to better distinguish these colors. READ MORE

  • I am getting headache due to eye power. How to manage?

    You will need to have an eye exam so that your eyecare professional can determine the correct prescription for your eyes. If the headaches are due to a wrong spectacle prescription, then an updated prescription should relieve them. However, headaches can also be more serious, especially if the headaches are more recent and progressively get worse, so you may need to seek a medical professional such as a neurologist to rule out other causes such as tumors that may cause headaches also. READ MORE

  • How can I get my eyes more accustomed to contact lenses?

    You need to return to the eye care professional that evaluated and fitted you the contact lenses that you are currently wearing and tell him/her your complaint with the contact lenses. It seems like the brand that he/she recommended for you is NOT fitting you well. Wearing contact lenses should NOT hurt your eyes, or feel very uncomfortable. READ MORE

  • I am experiencing eye strain from overusing computers. What to do?

    You need to relax your eyes every 20 minutes, and take a 5 minute break to walk around and look far away. This should help to reduce the eyestrain from overusing the computer. If you're wearing glasses, then you should consider visiting your local optometrist and ask about computer glasses, which may relax your eyes even more while you are working at your computer. READ MORE

  • I can't stand to wear contacts

    I would recommend visiting your eye care professional to evaluate the issue with your left eye. It sounds like you may need to be re-evaluated and re-fitted with a more properly fitted contact lens for your left eye, since it seems like your contact lens may be touching and irritating your left eyelid. If you are wearing a soft contact lens, then you may need a smaller diameter contact lens to decrease the amount of lid to contact lens interaction. A contact lens evaluation with your eye care professional will be your best bet as to the best course of action. READ MORE

  • Why are my eyes sore after contacts?

    It depends on the amount of time you're currently wearing your contact lenses, but It seems like you are over-wearing your current contact lenses. You may need to reduce the amount of daily wearing time for your contacts, or in some cases, you may need to try a different wearing schedule and/or brand of contacts. If your eyes get really dry throughout the day due to the contacts, you may need to switch to a daily disposable soft contact lens. Since there are many different brands of daily disposable soft contacts, your eye care professional will be your best bet to properly evaluate the suitability of your current contacts vs a different, but better type of contact lens for you. READ MORE

  • Constant eye floaters--what's wrong?

    Floaters are tiny pieces of tissue, red blood cells, or proteins floating in the vitreous that casts a shadow on the the light sensitive tissue located in the back of your eye called the retina. As we age, the jelly-like structure called the vitreous which holds the shape of our eyes becomes more liquefied, and may tug/pull on the retina, which may cause tiny amounts of retinal pigment/tissues to come apart and float in the vitreous, which we call floaters. Remember, theses floaters cast a shadow on the retina, so you can see them. It’s normal to see a few floaters in either one or both eyes (we just ignore it), but if you’re seeing a lot of new floaters (either black or clear spots or a spider-like web) in your vision with constant flashes of light (like lightning bolts), then it may be a more serious sign that the vitreous is pulling on the retina and is causing a tear in the retina, which may cause fluid to leak through into the retina, and may lead to a detached retina, which may cause you to see a gray or black curtain of vision. If that occurs, then you will need to be referred immediately to a retinal specialist for surgery to repair the retinal detachment to prevent further vision loss. If you are concerned about your floaters then I would recommend seeking care from an eye care professional for an ocular health assessment that includes a dilated eye exam. At the visit, your eye doctor may use dilating eye drops to view the back of your eye. These drops will enlarge the black colored structures in front of your eye that allow light to enter your eyes called the pupils, so that your eye doctor can shine light and utilize specialized lenses to get a better view of the back of your eye. There are possible side effects to the eye drops such as light sensitivity and difficulty reading up close for a couple of hours, so it’s best to bring your sunglasses to the visit. So to reiterate, if you are seeing a lot of new floaters and/or flashes of light, then go seek the care of your eye care professional immediately. READ MORE

  • My eye looks different because of my astigmatism. Anything I can do?

    Although wearing or not wearing your glasses will not cause your astigmatism to get better or worse, I would highly recommend you wear prescription glasses or even consider contact lenses that correct your astigmatism, if your vision is worse without corrective lenses, since even small amounts of uncorrected astigmatism can cause eyestrain, which can lead to headaches. You can also consider having refractive surgery such as LASIK to correct your astigmatism. However, I would consider wearing contact lenses first before you consider LASIK surgery if cosmetic reasons is your main motivating factor since it’s non-invasive. READ MORE

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Primary Care/Family Optometry


  • Walmart Project Foresight Award - Best Business Plan, 2011
  • Western University College of Optometry Faculty Scholarship, 2010

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  • California Optometric Association
  • American Optometric Association

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