I am now 56 years old. I realize I lived with chronic pain and fatigue for over 15 years. In 2008 I finally found a new physician that worked with me to get a diagnosis and treatment. I was living with such pain and fatigue I could barely manage to get out of bed. I had two teenagers and was watching them through my bedroom doorway. With my eldest graduating I knew I had to find a way to still be in his my push in finding a doctor willing to work with me as a partner became my goal. Luckily, I found the one. and Now Live with these diseases with my newly retired husband. I take several medications and use magnesium oil rubbed on the knotted muscles or menthol patches. I try to lie the best life I can. I advocate for all pain warriors.
Kathy Adatte- Ott
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Share Your Feelings on the Awareness of Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed over twelve years ago. I feel there is more awareness but it seems fleeting and misleading. The commercials for medications like Lyrica and Cymbalta make it appear...

Share Your Daily Self Care Goals

Share Your Daily Self Care Goals

When I wake up each day and walk stiffly to the bathroom I see on my wall,"Today is a good day. " I use that quote to motivate positive thoughts immediately. It helps to place...

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Taming the Fibro Beast

Every day I take cymbalta and flexeril. But what I am finding now is that I can control some of my symptoms or the severity of  them. I have found reiki very helpful. I go every...

Kathy Adatte- Ott - Share What It Is Like to Live with an Invisible Illness

Share What It Is Like to Live with an Invisible Illness

Because of the commercials, people think if we just take the magic "pill" we feel fine. That is so far from the truth. There is NO magic pill! and the pain is EVERY DAY 24/7....

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