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Marathoner Finds ‘Magic Freedom’ from MS Through Running

“The only time I feel like I’m free from MS is when I’m running”

He then set out to complete a ’52 in 52’ journey, pushing himself to complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks – 26.2 miles per week for a year. All throughout 2014, Platt did just that. Along the way, he organized a Walk-a-Thon, where he ran 32 miles in 7 hours straight to help raise awareness for MS. He also ran the Chicago Marathon, which helped him to complete his ’52 in 52’ journey with a total of 1,667 miles. “I won’t lie. It hurt, took every ounce of energy, effort, and every fiber of my being. I ran the entire race with a cap on my head packed with ice while squirting my body and cooling sleeves with ice water. I even became pre-hypothermic from all the ice after I crossed the finish line. I wouldn’t trade it for the world” he said.

Photo: Instagram - johndplatt