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Autism: Summertime Tips for Families

How to make vacation fun and healthy

How do we fill so many days of summer with activities? How can I make summer busy and fun? The task can seem daunting for parents who might have a million other things to take care of. First off, it’s best to be as detailed as possible. Parents can go ahead and schedule specific things for how their child’s day will look like, including wake-up time as well as a bedtime. They can also put specific times for meals, even for snacks! Don’t forget it’s important for your child to have his or her hygiene tasks scheduled. They might not remember as well as other kids that brushing your teeth is important to do every morning and night. Hygiene schedules should include specific times blotted out for showering, getting dressed, and brushing teeth. Lastly, put the chores that your child knows how to do as schedules times in their days. A few chores here and there will teach your kid that he or she is an important and contributing member of the family!

Next, how do we keep fun for your child? Activity schedules can be very flexible and fun to make! They don’t have to be exactly the same every day either. An afternoon at the waterpark can be followed by an evening watching movies in the park. The most important thing is to be detailed and structured. Everything should be scheduled in advance, including play dates with friends, computer time, video game time, and outdoor playtime. Running out of ideas for things to do? Check out community listings and see if there are any fun group events or festivals in your area. It could be fun to go to a flea market together or even a book sale. This could also be a great time to explore local attractions such as zoos or museums.

Free time is also a good thing to have in your child’s daily summer schedule. Scheduled free time can let your child choose what he or she wants to do, helping them with learning independence. It also keeps things more relaxed and allows them to do their favorite activities.