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18 Celebrities Who Have Died from Substance Abuse

11. Amy Winehouse

Singer Amy Winehouse won five Grammy Awards before her career, and her life, were tragically cut short by addiction. Winehouse died at age 27, adding her to the “27 Club” of musicians who met their demise at the early age of 27 due to substance abuse issues.

Ironically, one of Winehouse’s biggest hits was the single “Rehab,” a song about her refusal to go to rehab for her alcoholism. Winehouse struggled with substance abuse issues and had been known to abuse several drugs, often resulting in erratic behavior both on and off the stage.

She was once hospitalized for an overdose of a variety of drugs including heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, and alcohol—an incredibly potent combination of dangerous substances. The rest of her tour had to be put on hold. Her next tour was also cancelled early after she repeatedly showed up to perform highly intoxicated.

Winehouse did a brief stint in rehab after a video surfaced in which she appeared to be smoking crack cocaine. She was denied a U.S. visa due to her narcotics use. As a result, she was unable to perform at the Grammy Awards that year and had to perform via satellite in London. During that evening’s ceremony, Winehouse won five Grammy Awards, making her the first British singer to win five Grammy’s.

Unfortunately, Winehouse’s health and personal life continued to deteriorate due to her substance abuse issues. She received medical treatment for emphysema and an irregular heartbeat due to smoking cigarettes and crack cocaine. Doctors warned her that she would need to wear an oxygen mask if she continued abusing drugs. The talented singer died of accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011.

Photo source: Amy Winehouse 1983-2011 by Wyvern FM