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Real Housewives Star Vicki Gunvalson Shares Her Daughter's Ongoing Battle with Lupus

Relocating for her husband and then back for her health

Relocation has played a significant role in Briana’s married life. When Ryan, her husband, came back to the US after a tour in Afghanistan, he was stationed in Oklahoma. Briana decided to move there in 2014 to be with him. Vicki, did not approve of the move and has even publicly expressed disdain for the Sooner State. She has since apologized and said she was just worried about her daughter and family. 

Luckily for the worried mother, the relocation was not meant to be permanent. The family of four moved back to Orange County in November 2015 even though Ryan was still in the process of finishing his duties. Some speculated that the reason was so that Briana could be closer to medical services. However, it has been confirmed that it was partly due to Vicki’s break-up with her then-boyfriend Brooks Ayers.

Vicki bought a house for Briana, Ryan and the boys as a gift, though the proud couple has promised to pay her back once they find a buyer for their Oklahoma home. 

Photo Source: via Instagram