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Soccer Player Jordan Morris Expresses His Experience with Diabetes on the Field

Soccer gives him a new challenge to his management: Adrenaline spikes.

As a professional soccer player, there are new challenges to diabetic management. Adrenaline raises blood sugar, and on game days when he is looking to play his best, adrenaline gives his blood sugar a boost. Morris learned the hard way that he needs to counter these spikes with the exact amount of insulin he needs.

In the 2016 season, Morris experienced low blood sugar during a game against Portland. He had to run over to the sidelines to eat some of his fruit snacks to raise his blood sugar levels. During the MLS Cup final in Toronto, he had to leave the game and go into the locker room once he felt sick. In the locker room, he checked his blood sugar in the locker room and found that it was high.