Diet and Nutrition

5 Diet Tips to Help Control Fibromyalgia Symptoms

5. Increase your intake of fruits and veggies. They can give you that extra boost of energy.

Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that your body needs to stay well, and the more fruits and veggies you eat the more nutrients you will consume. Always try to create a rainbow on your plate. The colorful it is, the healthier it is!

Also, choose fruit and vegetables and organic in-season fruits. Frozen and canned vegetables can be just as good and fresh, but keep your eye on the sodium content.

If you don’t want to follow a vegan diet, that’s okay, but consider cutting back on the amount of meat you eat. Try choosing organic and grass-fed meats.

Fruits give you the necessary energy you need to get through your day, especially apples and bananas. With both, you will also get another needed nutrient: fiber.