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Dr. Ramineh Kangarloo, DDS


Dr kangarloo has been a general and cosmetic dentist for 14 years and has graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. She also completed a one year of hospital-based residency at Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey. Her passion in learning sprouted curiosity to continue her education by taking classes in different areas of dentistry. Her warm, joyful personality, and soft, gentle hands make her patients feel very comfortable and relaxed. One of the qualities that makes her stand out is her understanding of how to fulfill each patient’s needs. She finds great joy in seeing the patients’ smiling faces after their treatment has been completed.

She has been living in Virginia for the past 25+ years. She is also married with two wonderful children, and one fur baby. She enjoys painting, decorating, creating floral arrangements, reading, and spending time with her friends and family. She helps people of all different backgrounds, striving to make a difference in her community and the ones around her. Dr. Kangarloo continuously stays up to date with the latest dental trends and best practices by taking intensive continuing education courses with leading organizations such as Spear and The Dawson Academy. She is also a member of AGD and ADA.
Dr. Ramineh Kangarloo, DDS
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Are partial dentures comfortable?

they are ok but if you never had any, it will take time to get used to it

Can I fly 4 days after implant surgery?

yes, if you dont have any major problems

Can a loose tooth be saved with a root canal?

It depend on the degree of mobility

Can I get a root canal without anesthesia?

If the nerve is completely dead you can try to get it done without anesthesia but not recommend
Because you still feel dr working on your tooth

What should I do if my root canal tooth hurts?

Contact your doctor
There are several reasons that cause the tooth to hurt

What can cause swollen gum under a crown?

Several reasons
Gum disease
Crown does not fit correctly
Bad oral hygiene

What foods to avoid with gingivitis?

Gingivitis has nothing to do with food
It is information of gingival due to plaque and poor oral hygiene

How long will it take to get used to dentures?

If the denture is fabricated correctly
In about a month should feel ok

How do you eat while waiting for dentures?

you can over cook your food so it would be very soft. Sometimes blending it will help also.

How long after tooth removal should I get implants?

It depends on several factors such as:
1. infection
2. bone graft
3. medical history.

How long I will have pain after implant surgery?

majority of time pain and swelling will last 48 hours, But it takes around one month for healing to take place.

Can you fix loose dentures?

In some cases loose denture can be fixed by either fabricating a new one or relining the old one. However, If there is not enough bone to support a denture, even fabricating a READ MORE
In some cases loose denture can be fixed by either fabricating a new one or relining the old one. However, If there is not enough bone to support a denture, even fabricating a new one will not tighten the denture

X-ray shows dark area at root tip advised to have a root canal, but have never had any symptoms should I wait

recommend to consult an endodontist. There are other test needs to be done before root canal is perform.

What foods to avoid after dental implants?

did you just got the implant placed?

How can you fix gum pain from dentures?

Most likely your denture does not fit well
It needs to get adjusted. In some cases it needs to get redline or remake

Do front teeth need crowns after a root canal?

It all depends to amount of tooth structure left after root canal and also how the bite is( the way teeth comes together)

How can I get rid of gum inflammation fast?

to start you need to visit a dentist to get a complete gum evaluations. Based on the severity of your gum disease, treatments will be recommended.

Should I keep brushing bleeding gums?

you should continue brushing. however, you need to see a dentist to find out which treatment is recommended. A healthy gum does not bleed..

What are my options to fix crooked teeth?

Braces or veneer
However braces is a better option