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X-ray shows dark area at root tip advised to have a root canal, but have never had any symptoms should I wait

During routine cleaning X-ray shows dark area at root tip, have never had any symptoms at all, a root canal is advised can I wait?

Female | 67 years old
Complaint duration: None
Medications: Amlodipne, Triamterene, Metformun
Conditions: HBP AODM

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NO! NO! & NO!...The fuse to a powder keg has ben lit and you are essentially asking for someone to tell you how long the fuse is. When a dental abscess like you have starts to hurt, it is because it has in medical/dental vernacular "overwhelmed the local defenses" Put plainly, the bad guys are winning and likely to spread through more tissue layers. Worst case scenario, you can end up being treated for a life-threatening infection in an intensive care ward with an antibiotic IV drip so that the antibiotics can get into your bloodstream to get the the point of infection without having to process through your digestive system first.
Yes. Even that you are right now asymptomatic it is an indication for root canal to be done. Sometimes when you are asymptomatic can be that the pulp of the tooth is necrotic. So look for the right professional to take care of that for you. I’m here in case you need me.
The tooth's nerve has probably died and could be the reason why you don't feel any pain. I would not wait, have a root canal specialist or your dentist evaluate for Root Canal.
If the advise has been to get a root canal I would not wait. You should do this immediately. Many times absence of symptoms does not mean that root canal is not needed; you might have a necrotic (dead nerve) tooth which many times are not symptomatic.
recommend to consult an endodontist. There are other test needs to be done before root canal is perform.
To ensure the best outcome for your oral health, it is generally advisable to follow the advice of your dental professional. They have evaluated your X-rays, identified the presence of a dark area at the root tip, and recommended a root canal based on their clinical expertise and diagnostic findings. It is crucial to address potential dental issues promptly to prevent further complications and to preserve the affected tooth whenever possible.

It's recommended to discuss any concerns or questions you may have with your dentist or endodontist. They can provide more detailed information about the specific condition of your tooth, explain the potential risks of delaying treatment, and address any additional queries you may have.
It depends…. Without seeing X-ray can’t give an option
Please send x-rays for review.
Many diseases are chronic or silent and don't always show symptoms. A tooth that has a shadow/dark area at the root tip is the result of an infection. If the infection has an escape route so it doesn't build up pressure you probably won't feel anything. If the path that depressurizes
the infection in the bone gets clogged though you can wake up unexpectedly with a swollen face, and a great deal of pain that requires an emergency visit to the ER. It's best to address health problems when they are first discovered and before they become symptomatic if possible.
In my opinion, if it is asymptomatic and there are no clinical signs of infection, you may be able to wait but it is important to have that tooth checked at every recall appt to see if there are any changes. If there are changes on x-ray, it may need to be treated with a root canal.
It is possible for the tissue inside a tooth to die with no symptoms. This can produce a dark area at the root end on an x-ray. Should bacteria reach the inner dead tissue a painful abscess with swelling can result. Patients often prefer to have the dead tissue removed before an abscess and pain occur. The tooth can be tested before treatment to determine if the inner tissue has died. This can be done by a general dentist or by an endodontist