"An innocent work flirtation quickly evolved into a crazy, passionate affair"

Once a Cheater

“It started out as an innocent work flirtation and quickly evolved into a crazy, passionate affair.  I cheated with someone in my office. I loved the attention. I felt like she hung on my every word. It gave me drive and renewed my sense of ambition. Remember how you felt going to school to see the girl you had it bad for? This was like that. Going to work was now fun. -Ed, Age 38

Men who lack confidence and feel unworthy of love are the leading reasons why men cheat. Men who are insecure are needy, and seek validation in order to feel good enough, not just to their partners, but to themselves. The research has found that men who are insecure in their relationships are more likely to cheat, as noted in a study in the Journal of Family Psychology.

Cheating Fact: A recent study showed that people were more inclined to have an affair based on their age. More specifically it found that that people whose age ended in a ‘9’ (e.g. 49) were more likely to have an extramarital relationship. The study found that men whose age ended in a 9 were, “18% higher than what would be expected by chance.”