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7 Daily Hacks to Help Those Living with Lupus

Letting Go of Self-Criticism

One of the most difficult steps to take is admitting when there are limitations to what a person can do. Just about everyone would like to accomplish all tasks on that to-do list and fulfill all obligations. However, even the smallest chores pose a challenge when one is dealing with pain and fatigue. This can do quite a number to a person’s mindset.

Therefore, when looking at that list (either written or mentally noted), checking off what has been accomplished can be a powerfully positive action. Rather than dwelling on what still needs to be finished, a person with lupus (anyone, for that matter) should focus on chores or projects that have been completed. Congratulating, even rewarding one’s self for goals that have been met can do wonders for the mindset which actually affects the rest of the body to some degree.

Likewise, when items can’t get checked off of that list, acknowledging that it’s ok to take time off or that something can’t be completed right at that moment is another positive step to take. One has to remember that the body is battling against lupus. That’s no easy feat. Giving credit for what has been accomplished and resting to prepare for another day is important to one’s emotional well-being.