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Advancements in Brain Pacemakers May Improve Parkinson's Patients' Quality of Life

Advancements in DBS

Wodziak said that DBS can be used as a form of treatment for seizures, epilepsy, and dystonia. A similar technology can be applied to the spinal cord. Dr. Andre Machado from the Cleveland Clinic performed the first DBS procedure on a stroke patient this year using the Boston Scientific Vercise system. This procedure can possibly be used for weight loss and depression.

Leads or wires that are capable of transmitting more electricity to particular parts of the brain and devices, such as smaller generators that can be connected through Bluetooth, are some of the other advancements seen in DBS. The DBS device from Abbott was the first DBS system approved in the USA. Their devices have directional leads that allow surgeons to send electric currents more accurately as compared to other DBS devices. Abbott’s DBS system can also be controlled using an iPod Touch.