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Are there any alternative methods of immunization for my child apart from the vaccinations?


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Are there any alternative methods of immunization for my child apart from the vaccinations?

Center for Disease control (CDC) and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (APIC) have 14 vaccinations before the age of 2 years. This makes some parents concerned as it might overwhelm the immune system of their child. There are two options that parents can opt for

•    Selective vaccine schedule

•    Alternative vaccine schedule

Vaccinations are important because infants and children are more vulnerable to dangerous diseases. For example, meningitis and whooping cough can be life-threatening diseases without vaccine protection. Diseases like measles can only be prevented with vaccination. There is no official alternative to vaccination. Doctors too prefer that children should be given a few vaccines, rather than none.

A healthy immune system will prevent illness and keep it at the lowest level so that there is no significant loss to the host. So how can one build a strong immune system? The best way to do it is through eating healthy and keeping the children active.

What should my child eat to withstand infections?

When your baby is still an infant, do not deprive your little one from the breast milk especially during the first weeks after birth, it is the greatest source of a lot of vitamins, proteins, fats, and the most important part of this heaven fluid, antibodies, which mothers pass to their little angels while breastfeeding. Infants get to this world with an innate immunity to those infections which humans normally do not contract (ailments which affect animals) and with temporary immunity to the bugs to which mother's body already had antibodies while she was carrying the baby in the womb or she was immunized. For example, the shots against whooping cough between 27 and 36 weeks of pregnancy protect your baby from catching this bug straight after birth. The placenta had let the antibodies into the baby's body before he/she was born and they are still active enough to resist the infection until about 2 months’ age when the first dose of TDaP is conducted.

As your child grows, add a lot of foods rich in fiber and vitamins C and B group, such as fruits and vegetable to their daily nourishment. Make daily consumption a family tradition for your little ones, so they might not turn to fast foods in their future.

Vitamin D is vital for the growing bodies as it helps to build a healthy cell cover, which will withstand the germ penetration inside it and prevent body cells from destroying.

All herbs which boost the immune system are essential in the daily ration of your baby, provide your child with rose hips and Echinacea tea, add a lot of berries into your child's daily meals and create for the child a proper surrounding atmosphere.

Are exercises relevant for frequently ill with infectious diseases children?

Short quick walks outside in the fresh air are vital for those kids whose health is not that strong, who are susceptible to all kind of Infections. Physical activities are necessary for little ones; breathing exercises, running, ball games everything that makes your baby move. Nowadays, most of our children are couch potatoes, they hardly leave their homes, so a sip of some fresh air would boost their resistance against various bugs. Here are some hints for outdoor activities for you:

  • Do not make your outdoor activity too long if he/she has just undergone the flu
  • Do not “overdress” your child, overheating is even worse than cooling
  • Do not go for a walk in the rainy/snowy weather, especially straight after the flu. Take your baby in the pram to the balcony for 20-30 minutes and meanwhile, ventilate your premises
  • Do not let your baby be exposed to cold weather for a prolonged period of time
  • Do exercises in the fresh air
  • Do let your baby spend some time outdoors even with the flu unless he/she has got a fever
  • Do participate in the games with your children, this makes the games exciting for them

What are the steps to my baby's wellbeing?

Most of the parents are asking themselves the same questions: Why is it happing to my child? Why my baby is so weak and catches all possible and impossible infections so quickly?

Firstly, ask yourselves these questions:

  • Does your baby get plenty of vitamins and minerals with his/her daily meals?
  • Review your feeding pattern and alter it, if you are not too sure about the requirements for your baby's diet, speak to your health provider about it.
  • Does your baby spend enough time outside in the open air, in the sun?
  • If you honestly answer, "No", then review your working scheme and leisure time for the sake of your little one.
  • Is the room of your baby appropriately and regularly cleaned and ventilated?
  • Use domestic cleaning stuff, which contains disinfectants (chlorine), when you tidy up your child's crib, provide a proper ventilation in the room.
  • Does you baby sleep well?
  • Check if the cot, bed of your child is comfortable enough to sleep, avoid listening to loud music, exclude any sound irritants while your baby rests (TV, phone calls, radio, quarrels, etc.).
  • Does your loved one experience any peer tension at school?
  • Speak to your child and their class teacher every day, it is crucial that your child has a positive environment in their school
  1. Do you smoke?

It`s a well-known fact that passive smoking is even worse that active, as nicotine suppresses the immune system enormously and the antibody production in your child's body may be reduced or diminished completely.

     2. Is your family a place where your child feels comfortable?

If you tend to sort out your family issues in front of your kids? Then do not expect them to be champions in all spheres of life, stress is the key reason of physical ailments as well as psychological ones.

Think of your answers to these questions, and if you feel hopeless ask your GP for a piece of advice regarding your individual situation, everything is preventable. Good luck to you!