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Asthma Medicine May Hold the Key for Parkinson's Disease

So Why Haven't These Clinical Trials Started?

So why haven’t these clinical trials been set up? Apparently, none of the drugs that help to relax airways are ready to effectively enter the brain. Andrew West, a neuroscientist of the University of Alabama in Birmingham, said “the drugs that are going to be ideal for targeting [a-synuclein] have yet to be developed. Scherzer adds to the explanation of the lack of clinical trials by saying that any clinical trials are still “a few years off.” Scherzer also says that 16 recent clinical trials for possible Parkinson’s Disease treatments have failed. This gives him some anxiety about putting his clinical trial into action, as he has explained that he does not want to be failure number 17.

It seems that the next logical steps to be made are to find a way to make the medicine for targeting this dangerous protein safe to be used in the brain. Hopefully the scientists will find a way to make it take less than a few years.