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Being Scared for the Future with Parkinson's: What Comes Next?

Listen to the doctor

Since Parkinson’s is a more serious chronic disease, more steps need to be taken to ensure that the best care is provided to the patients. Professionals explain that “the important thing is to find a neurologist who specializes in PD (a movement disorder specialist) and one whom you trust. He’ll work closely with you to find the best treatment for your individualized care and it will look different from everyone else with PD as PD is an individualized disease and has many faces.” Neurologists are the most qualified physicians to help a patient undergoing treatment for Parkinson’s disease. However, as humans, neurologists also have limitations on how well they can treat a patient. To further explain, “neurologists are the doctors who often treat those with Parkinson's disease, but 'not every neurologist is a Parkinson's specialist.' Consider a neurologist with a specialty in movement disorders.”

It is wise to consult with a doctor when undergoing an illness, and Parkinson’s disease is no exception for this principle. A neurologist may not have all of the answers available for an individual with Parkinson’s disease, yet they are the best resource available the medical world concerning this disease. Furthermore, a person with Parkinson’s disease should learn everything they can about the condition they possess.