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Diabetes and Relationships: How Should Partners Support Patients?

Physical problems and diabetes: Erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness

There are definite intimacy problems because of diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage. Women often get dryness of the vagina, which results in tender sex, and men generally get erectile dysfunction. The level of erectile dysfunction or dryness and painful sex affects the level of desire a couple has for intimacy. These two problems lead to problems in the relationship.

Talk about your concerns to each other. Discuss what to do with your healthcare provider. Research tips and techniques to keep intimacy in your relationship.

Medications can help a man with erectile dysfunction and diabetes. There are surgeries for a penile implant, medications like Viagra, or Cialis that may help.

Women can use vaginal cremes to aid in lubrication and make sex more enjoyable and less painful. Hormone replacement therapy is an option. Discuss options with your doctor or gynecologist.