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First All-in-One App for Irritable Bowel Disease Launched

Oshi's CEO admits there's still a lot for everyone to learn about IBD

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the two most common forms of IBD and have been the focus of attention in healthcare due to their increasing incidence rates. Crohn’s disease affects any area of the gastrointestinal tract and generally affects the ileum, while ulcerative colitis affects the large intestine (limited to the colon and the rectum). Both inflammatory conditions can be very painful and, in some instances, even life-threatening. “Some patients experience frequent, difficult flares, some patients achieve remission and it really doesn’t make an impact on their lives. And it’s not clear exactly why that’s the case; there’s still lots unknown about inflammatory bowel disease. There’s a lot of opportunity for digital to disrupt the space, and it’s a space where digital health hasn’t quite yet reached,” said Weinstein. Recent studies have suggested that genes with IBD susceptibility, along with environmental factors, may contribute to the outcome of the diseases.