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Here's How the Most Common Gym Injuries are Caused

Bad Form, Working Out Too Much, and Not Switching It Up

1. Bad Form

If you are doing certain exercises or using complicated equipment, it is easy to slip into the wrong form; however, if you're not careful, this puts you at risk of hurting your back and joints.

To avoid this, instead of lifting the most weight that you think you can handle, start out small and then gradually add on to the amount. This way, you'll be able to master the correct form and ensure you are avoiding any such mistakes.

Often, people suffer from bad form when they try to jump into an online tutorial on YouTube. Because they aren't watching them in person, or viewing it the wrong way, some do not realize that they are performing the moves incorrectly. When this happens, people will not realize when something has gone wrong until they feel the pain days later.

Some of the highest risk exercises, due to their complexity, are kettlebells, Crossfit and plyometrics. So, if you're starting out with any of these, you might want to have a trainer oversee you for the first few sessions to make sure you're doing everything correctly.

Let's face it, we cannot always tell exactly how our form is when we're exercising. We've all thought that we were killing that yoga pose or routine until the instructor came by to correct our movements. So, it's important to either have someone else check your form when exercising or work out in front of a mirror to check your own.

2. Working Out Too Much

A lot more of us have the problem of working out too little - but that doesn't mean too much exercise can't be harmful. There are a few reasons why this is a bad idea.

For many starting out, they want to have the best possible result and fast. While this is admirable, trainers suggest starting out slowly and adding on incrementally. If you jump into an intense exercise regimen too quickly, it becomes harder to stay committed to it, as it is overwhelming at an early stage. As a result, many beginners quit their fitness resolutions because they cannot keep up with what they have started. Instead, it's a better idea to start out small in ways that are easy to incorporate into your preexisting routine.

Also, putting too much strain on your body without working up to such a stage can pile on too much pressure, resulting in injuries. So, while some might think they are accelerating their fitness journey by starting out strong, they might actually be hindering it. If an injury serious enough comes along, it could mean months, maybe even years, without exercise.

3. Not Switching It Up

If you do the same exercises repeatedly, it can lead to injuries. Your muscles need to be moved in different ways to avoid cramps, or worse, major damage. So, even if push ups are your favorite exercise, make sure that you're also doing lunges with extended arms, or something else that offers an entirely different approach.