Healthy Living

How Lupus Patients Can Protect Their Lungs from Unhealthy Air

Promote Healthy Choices

Being an advocate for a healthy lifestyle can encourage communities to join together.  The more people who reduce their carbon footprint the better off the environment will be.  Air pollution can only help made better by avoiding making it all together. 

Schools are a great resource.  The administration and teachers are usually willing to work with the community on activities that help the environment.  Encourage schools to learn healthier ways to go about their activities.  This will help everyone in the long run because those children will learn how to avoid polluting the Earth early.  It will become second nature to them.

Advocating for those with lupus is a great way to get involved in the community.  The more people that are aware of conditions like lupus the more likely they will participate in activities that reduce air pollution.  Knowledge is the key to everyone getting access to healthier air.