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New Study Attempts to Interrupt Parkinson's Disease

The Story Behind the Study

This study did not happen within a couple of months. It was started in doctor Dimitri Krainc’s lab, located in the state of Massachusetts 6 years ago. The lab is part of Massachusetts General Hospital but the installations of Harvard Medical School have also been used during the research, mostly for the first 2 years. However, the study was completed at Feinberg and most of the activities related to the study were done during the last four years took place there.

The senior author and person in charge of the study was neurologist Dimitri Krainc, who is also a professor at the Aaron Montgomery Ward. His colleague, Lena Burbulla, also was an author for the study. Krainc and Burbulla started the research while taking into account that in this neurodegenerative disorder the cause of death was the intervention of toxins and started developing treatments with antioxidants which have proved to delay and even stop the entire process.

Another relevant fact related to the study is that human neurons were used in order to determine the real effects of antioxidants as a way to stop the degenerative process. The study is an excellent way to begin new research for effective treatment and a possible way to develop a definite cure for the condition.