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Reversing Diabetes the Natural Way

Get a little sweat out a day

You always need to pair your diet up with exercise. Here are some suggestions to help patients lose weight:

  • Jog, run, or walk around the neighborhood to let out the toxins and shed off weight. When there is a plan to go to the mall or when it's time to go to work, walk as much as possible.
  • Do little errands around the house. Sweep the floor. Avoid asking someone else to get the remote control or a glass of water.
  • Better yet, enroll in a weight-loss program or join a nearby gym, but only after a consultation with the doctor.
  • It would also help to make a progress chart on how many pounds have been shed off for the week and if the next week would be a good time to increase the number of pounds to lose.
  • Never forget to hydrate after sweating it out.