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Study Highlights Role of 6-Minute Walk Test in Predicting the Severity of Sleep Apnea

Researchers are also developing a way to monitor sleep apnea with a smartphone

Aside from the six-minute walk test, your smartphone can also help monitor the sleep disorder as well. Researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) developed a system to monitor the sleep-wake cycle in OSA patients with their smartphone.

BGU’s Biomedical Signal-Processing Research Lab (BSP) Head Dr. Yaniv Zigel and Soroka University Medical Center Sleep-Wake Disorders Unit Head Professor Ariel Tarasiuk explained that they have developed a technology to diagnose OSA and other sleep disorders with a more "convenient" method.

The app uses audio analysis to record the speech signals of awake patients. This is supposed to estimate the severity of OSA without the need of an overnight sleep study.