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The Link Between Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis

Nineteen out of thousands

Nineteen out of thousands

Originally, the two researchers identified a whopping one thousand, one hundred and sixty-four articles.

Many of those were duplicates, and after excising them, they were left with five hundred and thirty.

After applying their inclusion criteria with more strictness, only nineteen articles remained in the final review.

Five of those studies examined conventional exercise training, including both aerobic and resistance training. The other thirteen studies looked into what is called “adapted exercise modalities,” which are advanced forms of exercise designed to help those who are unable to exercise normally.

These different forms of exercise include body-weight support treadmill training (BWSTT), total-body recumbent stepper training (TBRST), and electrical stimulation cycling (ESAC).

Most of the studies reported their outcomes differently than what our two researchers were looking for. Mobility, fatigue, and quality of life improvements were most commonly reported by the examined studies.