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These Are the Best Anti-Inflammatory Teas for Lupus

Final thoughts

Tea is truly a gift of heaven. Lupus patients have now something to rely on aside from the medical treatments, which can be considerably costly, that they need to undergo. Aside from treating lupus, tea can be trusted in improving patients’ other facets of life. Yet, in addition to the natural remedies that help lupus patients deal with the disease, having a healthy diet and proper exercise should also be done. Of course, if patients only rely on one natural treatment and forget to take care of other aspects, then the treatment may not be effective. Thus, considering the kinds of food that the patients take in general should be strictly considered. Even if the patients drink tea regularly but consume bad foods that contain sugar, caffeine, alcohol, among others that may worsen lupus symptoms, then just drinking tea may not work. Though lupus doesn’t require a specific diet, having good and proper nutrition is the safest and surest treatment above all else.

So, remember, out of these three, pick your favorite!