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These Doctors and Nurses Reveal What Grey's Anatomy Has Wrong About Medicine

Again, the doctors do not do EVERYTHING.

One of the biggest problems with the portrayal of hospitals on Grey’s Anatomy is that the show tends to make it seem as though the doctors literally do everything. It’s certainly true that doctors work hard, but so do other members of the hospital staff; the other hospital staff members tend to be either completely ignored or even talked down to on Grey’s Anatomy.

In real life, though, every member of the hospital staff plays an equally critical role in keeping the hospital running smoothly, caring for patients, and saving lives. The doctors aren’t the only important members of the staff, and they aren’t the only ones who deserve recognition and respect. Without nurses and medical assistants, doctors wouldn’t be able to do their jobs and the entire hospital would fall apart. Unlike Grey’s, real-life doctors don’t transport patients, put in IVs, administer medication, or oversee patient monitoring and care; those responsibilities fall on nurses.

Photo source: ABC