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What Eye Exercises Can Do for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Try these four exercises, and keep doing them

First, try some gaze stabilization exercises. Begin by looking straight ahead, then turn your head 45 degrees to the right, then turn your head 45 degrees toward the left - all the while keeping your eyes locked on the same object. This may seem quite simple, but it is important to do them every day if you want to see improvement in your fatigue levels and balance. Once you feel you have mastered the basic exercise, you can move on to experiment with different speeds, pause during the movement while continuing your stable gaze, change the distance of the target you are looking at, and practice with a variety of different backgrounds that may be distracting, increasing the difficulty.

Next, try some balance exercises. There are many ways to improve your balance, and the exercises range from easy to hard. Stand on one leg when you can, incorporating enhanced balance into your daily routine.

Once you've mastered standing on one leg, try out a wobble board. This is one of the few pieces of gym equipment focused on increasing your stability, and can be used by standing on the board, placing your feet shoulder width apart, and wobbling until you find your balance. This will seem difficult at first, but mastery of the wobble board leads to heightened balance that will help you throughout your daily routine.

For something easy that does not require equipment, you can try walking heel to toe every morning when you wake up, as this will also get you in the habit of walking in a straight line.