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What is Medical Marijuana?

What is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana refers to the legal use of marijuana for the treatment of several chronic and debilitating conditions. It is often recommended for symptoms including severe pain, nausea, and vomiting. Medical marijuana is used in the treatment of several diseases including multiple sclerosis, AIDS, glaucoma, insomnia, and epilepsy. A number of studies have been conducted to record the medicinal value of this drug. Many people consider the use of marijuana to be illegal. But for many others this drug may help in alleviating serious symptoms and improving their quality of life.

As such, it is illegal to possess or sell this drug. Many states have passed laws that allow people with some of the debilitating conditions mentioned above to grow marijuana. The laws governing the use of this drug vary from state to state. If you ever want to use this drug in the treatment of diseases, do discuss with your doctor. Find the best medical online marijuana dispensary products!

Is it safe to use this drug? Some experts are of the opinion that it is not safe to use this drug as it is not approved by the FDA. Further, marijuana smoke may be harmful to the lungs and its use may affect memory and judgement. On the other hand, many experts recommend the use of this drug as it may provide immense relief from pain without many side effects. In patients with cancer and AIDS, marijuana may be useful in improving appetite and reducing nausea. It also helps in relieving eye pressure in people with glaucoma. However, this drug should be avoided during pregnancy.

Marijuana can be used in different ways including:

  • Brewing with tea
  • Inhaling vapor
  • Smoking
  • Mixed with food
  • Applying on affected parts

The effects of marijuana depend on the quantity of the drug taken and the route of administration. It may also depend on how sensitive the body is. Use of this drug is not devoid of side effects. Some of the common side effects include:

Those who regularly use this drug may become addicted to this drug. Those who quit the use of marijuana may have typical withdrawal symptoms like difficulty in falling asleep, craving for the drug, and anxiety.

If you are not for the use of medical marijuana, you may opt for the use of alternatives that contain synthetic form of THC, the most important compound in marijuana. These drugs are also useful in treating many of the conditions in which marijuana is useful.