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How Sleep Apnea Affects the Body

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Sleep apnea on a small scale can affect the body in subtle ways.  These smaller symptoms can help a person learn that they have sleep apnea.  It can be the catalyst for them getting a check up with their doctor so they can get a diagnosis. Common symptoms include a dry mouth or a sore throat.  After a long night of struggling to breathe, choking, and snoring a person's throat is typically sore.  A persistent sore throat should be cause for worry if no other cold-like symptoms are found.

A headache in the morning is a common side effect that comes from the combination of lack of sleep and oxygen.  If a person has a headache every day after waking up they should speak to the doctor to help them relieve the pain. When a person is tired their general mental function begins to deteriorate.  This typically presents itself in the person being more irritable.  They may also have problems focusing on their daily tasks.  This can make activities like driving especially dangerous.  Without concentration they may find themselves involved in more accidents.