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The Most Inspirational Cystic Fibrosis Journeys

More about Jennifer

Jennifer was diagnosed with CF in 1974 at age 2 ½ and “lived fully” until she passed in 2015, at the age of 43. She was awaiting a lung transplant.

At that time, the average life expectancy for C.F. was 15 years.

Jennifer was a pretty woman with a beautiful smile. She was raised by adoring parents and was married to her very supportive husband, Mark Hale.

Jennifer’s dad, diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014, passed a year after Jennifer. Two days before his death, Jennifer’s Mom sat with him for a final interview for inclusion in the book.

The title of the book was chosen as it relates to a game Jennifer and her Dad used to play where he kept her safe from alligators. The Portland Book Review has given the book 4 stars.

Jennifer’s Mom, a wellness educator, said the family wrote the book to be of help to others.The book can be accessed online.