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Most Effective Natural Remedies for Lupus Patients

Most Effective Natural Remedies for Lupus Patients

Most Effective Natural Remedies for Lupus Patients

Lupus is an autoimmune disease characterized by the body’s own immune system targeting and attacking its own vital organs. It is a chronic disease that cycles between active and latent periods. It is, additionally, a systemic condition as it can affect any and every organ on the body. Lastly, it is a heterogeneous affliction due to its wide variety of signs and symptoms which can manifest in unique ways in most individuals. Fortunately, mild versions of the disease, which manifest only a small amount of symptoms are commonplace, which makes treatment simple and unobtrusive. However, if left unchecked and untreated, lupus can cripple and even put the person’s life at risk.

Since its discovery, lupus has become one of the most widespread autoimmune conditions, affecting around 20 to 150 out of 150,000 individuals — depending on the person’s ethnicity and geographical location. Race and gender also play an important role in the disease’s incidence, as it affects women more than men and African-Americans over Caucasians. In this sense, the incidence in Caucasian women is of 164 for every 100,000 individuals. Meanwhile, for African-American women, it is of 406 out of 100,000 individuals, more than double the incidence of white women. Furthermore, women are almost 10 times more likely to develop Lupus than men.

Despite our knowledge on how to approach and treat lupus nowadays, what actually causes the disease is not known. However, there have been several genetic elements discovered that trigger the affliction when exposed to certain unknown environmental conditions.

Lupus can cause wide variety of symptoms. Some of these are fatigue, constant headache, sore joints, trouble sleeping, skin rashes.  Sometimes for a person to get properly diagnosed it may take several years. Several methods such as hormone replacement therapies, drugs and pain relievers are available to treat the disease but they have heavy amount of side effects. However to reduce the symptoms and in an organic way to improve the condition of the patient, there exists treatment.

  • Dietary changes-certain foods can exacerbate the ailment and trigger the symptoms. Since lupus patients have poor gut heath hence to avoid any inflammation, processed foods should be avoided. Gluten, added sugars, alcohol, excess caffeine, gluten, Trans fat can promote inflammation. The immune system activity can be increased by added sugars. Poor gut health is contributed by gluten and Trans fat. Also in order to prevent inflammation and liquid retention, high sodium foods and salts should be avoided. Anxiety levels are increased by alcohol and caffeine. Also they worsen the symptoms.  Organic and unprocessed ingredients should be included in the diet. The diet should be anti inflammatory. Toxins from the body can be removed by eating raw food. Inflammation can be reduced by eating fish that contain omega-3 fats. Eat foods rich in antioxidants to reduce joint pain.
  • Adopt an exercise routine-this is an important element.  Exercise in a healthy way creates a sensation of pleasure by producing dopamine. It helps improve sleep quality by creating fatigue and lowers stress. It keeps vital organs active. Complications can reduce by doing exercises. For those who suffer from lupus sedentary habits are bad and can have magnified consequences.
  • Lifestyle that is stress free- lupus symptoms can be prevented entirely by reducing the amount of stress. Excess immune response is caused by excess stress that can exacerbate the symptoms. The factors that affect the person negatively should be avoided in order to lower stress. Also medications, nature walks, daily yoga sessions, reading a good book can help to reduce stress see a psychologist may be needed in most serious cases.
  • Affected skin areas should be protected- on several areas such as legs, arms and face, rashes manifest in those suffering from lupus. Itchiness boils and other undesirable symptoms cause these rashes and further the disease gets complicated. Further these lesions are accompanied by joint pain, fatigue too. They may disappear and reappear in some other skin area.
  • Using organic products- in order to avoid further complications, rashes must be taken care of. For this irritants should be avoided. Factors such as non organic make up product, direct sunlight, sunscreen, organic skin moisturizers that negatively impact skin should be avoided. Skin rashes may be exacerbated by products with strong odours. Non organic products should be replaced by organic products. Use jojoba, coconut, essential oil, shea butter. Use lukewarm water instead of hot or scalding water. Properly moisturize skin using colloidal oatmeal powder. Immediately afterward use organic cream.

Delaying symptoms

Lupus for most individuals is a disease that is crippling and tiring. Follow the methods suggested above and with a physician have regular check-ups. The symptoms of the disease can be entirely prevented and further the quality of life also can be improved.